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Its runs sometime but it seems something that turns it off.

I've seen it turn off randomly before, there are no logs or errors as to why that happens.  There must be a task the app performs that crashes under certain circumstances but I have no clue why that happens. For me it's like once a week or two that it happens.

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Just a quick update, unRaid 6.4 looks like it will be using nginx for the web front end over emhttp (which is a good switch IMO) but that means there is a good chance all of my plugins will not work o

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If anyone can pinpoint exactly what the app is doing when it goes down, I could speak to the app creator for any ideas as to why, but being "random" at the moment makes it hard to troubleshoot.

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Just FYI, there is no next level for my plugins lol. I don't work for limetech. ;)


Strange that the force update option fixed it. Did you change it to "yes"?


The opposite. The default is yes.

That's... Weird. I was sure no was default for that option. I'll double check though.

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Definitely set to 'no' as default. Good to know for future reference however.


I'm working on the 6.1 upgrade for all 20 plugins (including Ubooquity and SickRage plugins I've made) so hopefully the change isn't too intrusive, so I can get to testing these out this week. I *want* to have the updates out by the end of the week because i need a break from coding for a bit.

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I *want* to have the updates out by the end of the week because i need a break from coding for a bit.


You will have certainly earned it. You've managed to maintain and streamline more plugins than anyone else I've seen on here in a long time.  With the recent changes I seem to recall you going though 2-3 total rewrites in the past 12 months. 

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Something is unstable with the Sickrage plugin. Yesterday, after all the problems I encountered lately (see other posts) I had it running again after a complete reinstall and suddenly, after I pressed on the Upgrade now banner within Sickrage, it restarted having completely lost all my data, refusing to restore from backup, and messing all the interface, visually.

Therefore, after yet another reinstall, I also disabled all the upgrade/update functionalities within Sickrage.

As I read the previous posts I also understand that I should refrain from upgrading to 6.1.0 as Limeware have officially started to roll it out through their Dynamix interface. And until a new plugin is released.


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Yes, if you upgrade to 6.1, your plugins will stop working for sure.


I'm making a SickRage specific plugin so once I get the 6.1 stuff integrated I will have a look at what's going on with that app. Until then perhaps just refrain from updating it for a week or so if you can.


I'm not sure if they have changed something in the app making it different from sickbeard install or not.

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...have certainly earned it. You've managed to maintain and streamline more plugins than anyone else


I'd have to agree there.  I've been following this thread in preparation for my eventual migration to Sonarr.  I've been consistently impressed- not only with your plugins, but with your dedication to supporting a wide variety of transition-related issues (UnRAID and plugin).  Rather than add to the noise, I ultimately opted to sideline Sonarr until after 6.1 is established and the dust settles.  But even during my brief experimentation [with Sonarr] you were a real champ in working with both me and Sonarr's author.  Whether everything ultimately goes to Dockers or remains as a plugin, I'm sure your implementation and dedication will be first-rate.  Thank you for that.

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One of the biggest changes for my plugin is that limetech have now put a cap on how many arguments can be passed from php... The cap is at 10 now and all my plugins send at least 11. This break in functionality is a big problem at the moment that I'm working on a fix for.

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Sounds like your running unraid 6.1 ;)


Thru are not yet compatible with 6.1 due to the large amount of security changes in how php communicated with the rest of the system.


That'd explain it.

Probably should have read through this thread.


Cheers. Hopefully its relatively simple to fix.

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I'm just starting the testing phase of my plugins, to make sure all the changes didn't break functionality, and that there are no errors thrown. Once the testing on unraid5 and 6 has been completed, I'll be uploading the new plugins. This could take up to a week however because there's a lot to test and 20 plugins to go over.

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Will the new 6.1 compliant plugins update themselves, or will it require a manual updating?  (I'm guessing the later).


Just want to know if I should keep checking this thread, or just look in UNRAID for the update to show up.


Thanks for your effort!




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I've almost completed my testing now, they all work so far properly on Unraid 5.x, 6.0.x and 6.x.


I personally run 9 of my plugins on my NAS with 4gb ram. RAM usage went from 94% on the V2's to 54% on the V3's running the same plugins. As long as you have a cache drive, your ram usage will decrease after the upgrade. If no cache drive is present, dependencies will revert to the old location for installation and thus no RAM savings.


Due to the change of dependency location, a reboot is strongly recommended after upgrading all of my plugins.


One thing to note, these should be released later today unless I come across anything major that needs fixing at this point.

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Hey Everyone,


Updates have been released, please REBOOT YOUR SERVER after updating the these new v3 plugins, to clear out old dependencies.


Check out the first page for all the changes, and yes they are 6.1 compatible.  As usual, let me know if you come across any oddities!



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