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System Notifications - Pass 2

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NMA Notifications would be nice too...  ;)




But only after a solid email notification is in place

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I've tested growl with windows. The interface works, now we just need the events and triggers.



In addition, we now have curl, the curl libraries and curl compiled into php on unRAID6.

This opens up a huge set of possibilities to external protocol access.

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+1 for pushover. But in the meantime (when email notifications are actually up and running I mean), just use the pushover email address.

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I vote e-mail as primary.  It is one app that every one from the very novice  the most advanced user has.


email is already in the roadmap.

System Notifications - Pass 1



Native support for being alerted to key system activities such as hardware failures and other events. Email only.

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I would also like to see Pushbullet support


In v6rc3, see Settings -> Notification Settings -> Notification Agents


Supported are: boxcar, Prowl, Pushbullet & Pushover


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I am taking a liberty of moving this milestone and marking complete since for me at least it just works.

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