[Request] Possibility to share whole array over the network

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I like my machines to have access to the whole array on one mount point.


At the moment, at each start of the array I execute a script like this one:

echo "
        path = /mnt/user
        comment =
        browseable = yes
        # Public
        public = yes
        writeable = yes
" >> /etc/samba/smb-shares.conf
/usr/sbin/smbd restart


With this I can just mount \\<tower>\user and have the whole array accessible.


But I really would like this to be a native feature instead of me doing it manually every single time.

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Because that would take away cache-only shares, for example.

No it would not!


There would be nothing stopping you having one user share that covered all the disks and was set to not use the cache plus any number of user shares set to be cache-only. 


The issue would arise when you wanted multiple views of the same data at both the total system level, and at individual share level.  I suspect that would be enough of a special Use Case that there might be little demand for it.

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I am wondering if this defeats the security mechanism which is used for user shares ?


Mounting on the parent and descending into the child folder wouldn't trigger the configured share security or does it ?


I suspect it does not => if, however, the entire array was exported, I assume there'd be a security setting that applied to that export.  (or at least it would seem there should be)


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