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1 hour ago, jang430 said:

 It says Lazylibrarian is running, but I don't see anything.

Change host port 1 to something other than 5299 or any other port currently in use. You didn't expand the "show deployed ports" entry so I can't make a more specific recommendation. If you expand it you will see the currently set list that unraid knows about, definitely don't use any of those numbers.

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2 hours ago, jang430 said:

Hi, see attached.  But before posting here, I've tried using another port already, and result is the same.

I don't know how you managed it, but you have your unraid's IP set inside the container, which isn't going to work.


The line in the log should be Starting LazyLibrarian web server on instead of showing your unraid's IP.

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Hi, all my docker containers are accessed via, 8989, etc.  Is this wrong?  In this case, I try to access


This is what I see now that I set it to 8085.


I install the app by searching through the app tab in Unraid. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 10.37.00 AM.png

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1 minute ago, jang430 said:

Hi, all my docker containers are accessed via, 8989, etc.  Is this wrong?  In this case, I try to access

No, the IP is correct to access it, but the port is 5299, not 8085. What I'm saying is that somehow you entered that address into the wrong spot, inside the container setup. It's supposed to listen on any IP, which is designated by all zeros, because the docker itself doesn't have your unraid IP, it has its own IP that is different.


When you get the internal address for the app set back to all zeroes, you should be able to access it at


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9 hours ago, jang430 said:

Oh, I see.  So what steps can I do to fix this?  I've already deleted the container, even deleted the previous config when adding the same container.  I also made sure there are no Orphaned containers.  Any ideas?

Remove the container again, and this time before you add it back delete the /mnt/cache/appdata/lazylibrarian folder.

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follow-up question.  I have a category in sabnzbd ebooks, which downloads to /downloads/complete/ebooks


I have configure the 2 paths I can find inside lazylibrarian as such (seen on attachment).  All downloads stay at /downloads/complete/ebooks.  It doesn't go into /downloads/complete/ebooks/_Magazines.  It also doesn't move to /books/ebooks (Media/ebooks).  


Maybe you can help me check which path am I missing?  Are there any other parts worth taking care of?




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Try this:


LL Container

change Host Path 2 to: /mnt/cache/downloads/complete/ebooks

change Host Path 3 to: /mnt/user/Media/ebooks/


LL Settings

change Download Directory: /downloads

change Book Library Folder: /books



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updated LL Settings, forgot /downloads
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Anyone have this successfully setup using magazines? I can't get the post-processing to work. It won't move them to a magazines share I created.



I think I figured it out but post-processing won't work. It tries to create directory and says permissions denied. PUID is set to 99 and PGID 100 in the docker container.


2017-07-16 12:07:29	ERROR	Postprocessing for 2016-11-01 - Magpi has failed: Unable to create directory Magazines/Magpi/2016-11-01: Permission denied



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10 minutes ago, CHBMB said:

Well I dunno, as the text underneath says /books, you may have changed it to /Magazines as I'm not sure that text in yellow gets updated.


I changed it now to  /Magazines and same error. Permissions denied and won't create the folder

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9 minutes ago, CHBMB said:

Tried changing the Magazine Foldername Pattern to /magazines/$Title/$IssueDate or /Magazines/$Title/$IssueDate depending on whether you're using /magazines or /Magazines


Share is magazines so I changed it to /magazines. No luck same error

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