Unraid Merchandise Shop License Giveaway Thread

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Bought a few licenses ove the years. I'll probably buy a sheet of stickers. I've never bought or put stickers on anything I own so limetech should be proud. smile.png&key=6c37b77f9c97bd40004f7293f78e2eaddbebed21fdd74698bfd67cf431f3bbf5


Build link that needs some updates now that I see it again.




Built a bunch of others but no build threads for them. (six currently under my command)


One other I built that I enjoyed making:



Been very happy with unraid more and more as it improves. Have convinced and suggested it to many friends and family.



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ok, posted this of one of my unraid servers.  The reason  picked this one is it is the first one I have had fail on me, so I documented the mother board swap to bring it back to life again.



It still is far from current hardware, and I even kept the old version 4.5.3 of unraid since it has run so long with no issues till the motherboard failure.


  I will say it would be REALLY cool to win a license, since I was just looking at buying another one for a 6.x server setup using a retired 1U SuperMicro server with a 4U Drive Expansion using an LSI 9207-8e HBA.

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Tossed it around and finally got my parts picked and shipped, comes monday :D. Its a starter box, planning to get a few docker containers going, super excited.


twitter is @scotticles and im following.


first build for unraid: ryzen 3, starting with 8 gb probably bump that up in a few months, i like my case i picked 8 storage bays.


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Thank you to everyone here for participating in our license giveaway! We had 65 entries total. Per the official rules (bottom of the blog), I've selected the winners at random using random.org- a true random number service.


Without further adieu:


The Unraid Basic License winning number is 15:



Post number 15 in this thread is: BasicLicenseWinner Forum.png


Congratulations to @mason for winning an Unraid Basic license! 




The Unraid Plus License winning number is 25:Plus Winner.png


Post number 25 in this thread is: PlusLicenseWinner Forum.png


Congratulations to @Tobiiaz on winning an Unraid Plus license!


Last but not least, the Unraid Pro License winning number is 59:ProWinner.png


Post number 59 in this thread is:  ProLicenseWinner Forum.png


Big congrats to @pvr02 for winning an Unraid Pro License!


I'll be DMing each individual winner for further info/instructions.


Thank you again to everyone who entered!

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On 5/3/2019 at 7:47 PM, Squid said:

You are able to customize it to your hearts content.

Wow I somehow completely missed that option. Thanks for pointing that out Squid I'll customize and order.


Edit: Is there a place to get a higher res image of the logo? I can't make it bigger since it's too low res

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