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  1. Tonight my machine rebooted by itself, after that "Machine Check Events" was detected. Could you help me to find reason? Unfortunately remote syslog was not started but i have mcelog file. Machine stopped responding at 4:12 started again at 4:16, mcelog shows some errors at 04:13:28. Is that CPU or RAM? mcelog
  2. I only need telegram notifications. How can I completely disable email authorization and notifications? There is no "disable" option. If i choose custom then all fields must be filled. If i leave it at "google" then it spam in logs about unsuccessful authorization. Even if all "email" box is unchecked.
  3. Dynamix Schedules latest version 2020.06.21, right? I'am faced with same problem:
  4. I use (deleted) docker. All paths mounted to NVMe disk. When I open motioneye website to watch my camera - both HDDs start spining, in syslog i see read SMART. This is bad. 99.9% of the time my hdd's should sleep. That happens not each time. But each ~12 hours or more.
  5. After downgrade CA to 2021.08.31 (to work with Unraid 6.8.3) all containers loose ability to autoupdate - link "not available". How to fix that? Force update works well.
  6. Were hangs every week on i5-8600 last 3 months. Only hard reset helped a lot. But my server is remote machine so each hang is headache. Downgraded to 6.8.3 - no problems at all last 3 weeks. I'am not using any transcode, igpu, etc. Please fix it.
  7. Were hangs every week on i5-8600 last 3 months. Downgraded to 6.8.3 - no problems at all last 3 weeks. I'am not using any transcode, igpu, etc.
  8. i have a strange bug. i have test script, here it is: #!/bin/bash echo hello if i set cron to * * * * * then each minute all other scripts is force rebooting Is last versions is broken?
  9. Also i can say problem started to be since i swap cache drive from cheap chinese s**t ssd to new wd blue nvme m2.
  10. Ok i found that server stoped working at 5:00 - look at my grafana stat I found only one schedule for this time: SSD Trim. Will try to disable this for one month.
  11. My server started to hangs, one time for 1-2 weeks, power button not shutting it down as when normal operation, wake-on-lan also does not help. So i should hold button for 4 sec. Last time it was few hours ago, between Dec 28 ~5:00 - 6:00 I am not live with this server near me so each time it is headache to do hard reboot for it. Tools-Diag after done after reboot. Tools - Syslog Server hold last days information but i don't see any problem, it just stoped and then resumed after i reboot machine. syslog-
  12. I have 2 different drives - 8tb and 4tb. I have no parity drive and have no plan to buy it. All i need is have a backup from 8tb to 4tb. What is best method to use Unraid for that? Rsync?
  13. Tried all variations of this option. The best I have achieved is the disk parameters. But no data from SMART.