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  1. Now I just want to get rid of multiples of the same topic in my "Content I follow" Activity Feed.
  2. I found the setting, it has to be "Take me to comments I haven't read"
  3. Maybe the new theme is trying to fetch external resource files, and times out?
  4. Just to clarify, other websites and forums load just fine. Equally slow on Chrome and Firefox on WIndows 10.
  5. Is it just me, or are the pages loading very slowly for anybody else? I'm talking about waiting 3-20 seconds for a page to load.
  6. I had the same problem, didn't get a handshake from either my PC or my Android. I don't remember why, but one day I decided to try another port in the the "local endpoint" and also my router port forwarding setting. It just started to work. I had earlier successfully used the default port, but one day it just stopped working. I went for a long time before I got to change the port, I used my router's OpenVPN instead. Weird.
  7. Is it possible to migrate from linuxserver/papermerge to this version?
  8. In the "Move Array Only Shares" script, the message "All cache-only shares already only existed on the cache drive" is exactly the same as in the "Move Cache Only Shares". Maybe it should say "All array-only shares already only existed on the array"? The same with the message ""All shares set to be cache-only have now had their files previously existing on the array to now be on the cache drive", that should be "All shares set to be array-only have now had their files previously existing on the cache drive to now be on the array"
  9. Oh that I wish that this post got noticed by Limetech:
  10. Really nice! I've spent too much time switching between Downloads and History layouts anyway! 😀👍
  11. Also, a "Cancel" or "Close" button the the same pop-up would be nice. Now I have to reload the whole page to cancel the process.
  12. Just a minor request for convenience: When adding a remote share it would be nice to have the text box selected/active in the pop-up, so one wouldn't need to click in every text box to fill in IP, username and password.
  13. I think that while this is still in beta, maybe the final 9.3.0 release notes are going to have proper thanks and credit?
  14. I just want to chime in and say that I'm running PIA with WireGuard as per the instructions, and it works just fine. 👍
  15. You can make a folder called "custom-cont-init.d" in the /config folder location and put a script in there. It gets executed during start/restart of the container. This applies to Linuxserver containers only, that I know of. Read more here, under "Custom Scripts".