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  1. Is there a way to have one particular container restart after a update/restart of another container, Mariadb in my case?
  2. I think you have to use chown -R nobody:users * instead. chown help says: chown [OPTIONS] USER[:GROUP] FILE(s)
  3. Use "bash /usr/local/bin/audioArrayToSSD/monitor_arrayAudioChanges.sh" instead of "source /usr/local/bin/audioArrayToSSD/monitor_arrayAudioChanges.sh" From the 1st link you provided: "In the second method, if you are using exit in second script, it will exit the first script as well."
  4. It gave me an error until I added a "\" on this line: umount -l /var/lib/docker_bind\
  5. Which files and folders do I have to backup, so that I can just copy them back if something stops working? Proxy Hosts and SSL Cerificates is what am thinking about.
  6. Try running the following command on both hosts: ssh-keyscan -H TARGET_HOST >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts
  7. Could bash scripts (filename.sh) made editable, like *.txt files, when clicking on them? Or maybe add an "Edit" button?
  8. Ferdi as a project is dead. Ferdium is a fork of Ferdi/Franz with developers from Ferdi and is free. Docker setup instructions on their Github.
  9. I upgraded Unraid to 6.10.1, and after the reboot the login functionality was there and could login. I also forgot to mention that the unraid-api command didn't work under 6.10, maybe that was the culprit? Now on 6.10.1 everything is good!
  10. I can't post this to the My Servers forum, because it doesn't get registered, so here goes: After upgrading to 6.10, the My Servers doesn't let me login. The dropdown on the top right in Unraid shows this: The "Install Plugin" button never goes away, and the install log shows "plugin: not reinstalling same version". The Management Access page shows this: And the sign in process then shows this, without me actually ever getting the chance to log in anywhere: The "Sign in" button still shows on the page. The config file in the plugin directory never gets written: The plugin is supposedly the latest version:
  11. I got this from their newsletter: https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-hub-24-is-here/
  12. I have set it to run at first array start only. The script itself runs in a infinite loop and has a 1 second long pause between checks (the "sleep 1" part at the end).
  13. I use this script, which checks if Plex has started transcoding and stops Trex if that is true. It starts Trex after Plex has finished transcoding. It is for Nvidia cards only. Feel free to use it and modify it to your needs. #!/bin/bash # Check if nvidia-smi daemon is running and start it if not. if [[ `ps ax | grep nvidia-smi | grep daemon` == "" ]]; then /usr/bin/nvidia-smi daemon fi sleep 300 # Wait until array is online and all dockers are started. Comment this out if you are testing the script. TREX=`docker container ls -q --filter name=trex*` while true; do if [[ `/usr/bin/nvidia-smi | grep Plex` == "" ]]; then # If Plex is not transcoding, start the trex-miner container if it is not running. if [[ `docker ps | grep $TREX` == "" ]]; then echo "No Plex, starting Trex." docker start $TREX fi else # If Plex is transcoding, stop the trex-miner container if it is running. if [[ `docker ps | grep $TREX` != "" ]]; then echo "Plex running, stopping Trex." docker stop $TREX fi fi sleep 1 done