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  1. Dear Squid, I appreciate your help very much. Thank you. No error messages with this additional path mapping. I will wait till tomorrow when new downloads are scheduled and will report here for the sake of good order.
  2. Thank you Squid. I understand. I will switch to transmission docker. Could you please let me know what you mean to map /mnt to /mnt in Sonar container. I do not see such setting. Do I need to add a custom path? Sorry for the newbie question.
  3. The transmission is a plugin. Not a docker. Here is a screenshot. Do I need to have transmission as a docker?
  4. Thanks Squid. Transmission is downloading straight on the cache drive. The full path to it is:
  5. Dear all. The last few years I was using Sonarr with Transmission with a great success. As my unraid server version was quite old I have decided to update. I am using a transmission plugin (not docker) and the latest Sonarr. However the problem is once Sonarr tells Transmission to download the series and it finishes, Sonarr cannot move it to the cache drive where it should be located. The settings are exactly the same as they were prior Unraid update. The Data folder at Sonarr docker points to the folder where transmission is downloading and seeding. Here is an excerpt from the log file: Please kindly see my screenshots attached: Thanks for your time in advance.
  6. Unfortunately a no go. The official docker installed with no errors reported. The log file shows a clean startup. The web interface on the usual port is not working while the location of the config files remains the same. Edited: I am still using the ancient 6.1.9 version of Unraid (do not ask me why). Probably the official version requires the latest Unraid, hence the negative result? Back to LT Plex (for now).
  7. Dear All, I am about to migrate from LT Plex container to the official Plex one. However when I try to remove the old container two options are available: 1. Just the container 2. Container and image. Which of both options is the one I need as I would like to preserve my library as it is and to avoid scanning it again. Thanks in advance.
  8. Dear Saarg As I can see that there is a new version of Alpine Linux and some users reported that the mcheck.h is working now I was wondering would you mind trying again to compile the docker with a Netceiver support. Thanks again in advance.
  9. I am still looking after one drive cage.
  10. Hi, Want to buy Supermicro CSE-M35T-1 drive cage. Ready to pay with PayPal. Thanks.
  11. Hello, Yes. The card is still available. Best regards.
  12. Here for sale is a DELL Perc H310 card. It is flashed to IT mode. I am able to ship worldwide per cost. Please kindly let me know where are you located so that I can check the price per shipping. Best regards.
  13. Yes, thanks, I did re-assigned the disks and a non-correcting parity check is in progress although I can see 398 sync errors detected for now. Once the parity check is finished I assume I should perform another check but with a "Write corrections to parity disk" option enabled. Thank you once again for your support.
  14. Thanks but I am using unraid 6.1.9 and I have no such option in "New config".
  15. Thank you for the rapid reply,
  16. Hello, All of the sudden one of the disk in my array has thrown read errors. It happen while I was browsing it files via Kodi media center. As a result disk has been disabled and content emulated from my parity. All my drives are connected to Dell Perc H310 controllers and Supermicro drive cages. For the sake of good order i replaced the cables and connected the "faulty" drive directly to the on-board Sata controller. It can be recognized. The disk is full and I haven't wrote to it last two years since it is fully utilized. I have restarted the array but it is still disabled (no surprise here as it is the usual unraid behavior). As I do not want to risk a rebuild, and I trust my parity drive (I do parity check on a 2 weeks basis) I was wondering is there any chance just to add the drive back again and to force unraid to trust both parity and the "faulty disk". There are no obvious drive problems according to the SMART report. No pending sectors or other scary messages. The drive is 2,5 years old WD30EFRX. Full diagnostics log is attached here. Thanks in advance for your replies.
  17. Hi saarg, thank you for your time on this. It is pity the docker cant be build with ncv support, but I guess there is no full happiness Best regards.
  18. Hi saarg, linuxserver and CHBMB, I can see the docker has been compiled without netceiver support. As I have 2 netceiver devices with 12 tuners I would kindly like to ask you if possible to build a version with netceiver support. Thank you very much in advance and best regards.
  19. please help me with the following error message i get from the web address: As I see I am not the only one with this problem. Please kindly see my log file: Here how I also mounted the needed folders: Thanks for your help in advance.
  20. I've reported the issue on the github, but a collaborator has just reported it is working fine for him.
  21. Thank you both CHBMB and Dimtar. As I have never done this before I will register and try to report the issue. Best regards
  22. First I would kindly like to thank you for this docker. I would also like to know how to add the trackers mentioned in the github as they are n.a. in the docker web interface. I am particularly interested in tracker which should be supported but cannot find it as an option. Thank you in advance.