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  1. You're correct, but the lack of explicit mention of parity replacement confuses newbies like myself.🙃
  2. I think these steps should be added to FAQ somehow. Today I’ve planned to write up the exact same question. Unfortunately there’s no clear guide for “simple” parity upgrade, only complicated parity swap instructions.
  3. Got this problem as well. I've updated from previous stable version. Noticed it after one of my old HDDs got hot. Edit: 1) spun down whole array; 2) spun up single HDD; 3) stopped Grafana-related docker containers (grafana, influxdb, nut-influxdb-exporter, telegraf, varken) Automatic spin down works again. Yet it worked fine on previous stable version, so I think this should be considered as a bug.
  4. Is there a straightforward way to make Telegraf read data from NUT plugin instead of APC UPS daemon? I can't find info on this anywhere.
  5. I'm so glad I've found this guide. My Docker image was filling up when users tried to download a large folder (>50gb), creating volumes solved this problem.
  6. This. Also MS SQL 2019 supports UTF8, but these new collations are tricky, I've found a list of collation examples, that helped me a lot.
  7. Thanks! I knew that I was missing something obvious. 🤦‍♂️ I guess multiple forum threads on the hardships of flashing controller's firmware made me refrain from updating it. This is also why I chose the device that works out-of-the-box and considered that I shouldn't 'fix' it if it works already. Ultimately firmware update process happens to be much easier than it seems at first glance.
  8. I'm having an issue with multiple read errors (over 9 million errors at once!). Disks and cables are/should be fine, array works flawlessly while all disks are spinning. But when disks are spun down, the moment I try to write something or the Mover starts moving data, multiple read errors occur. The only solution I've found on forums was to switch cheap (in that particular case) HBA controller. I'm using LSI SAS 9300-8i connected via LSI CBL-SFF8643-06M cables to SilverStone CS381 backplane. I mean, this HBA controller is neither cheap nor unsupported, in fact many people on forums and on Redd