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  1. Still won't work...I don't know why limetech just can't post an invite link instead of linking through the forum. If someone can just invite me, here's my discord username: Fuggin#3966
  2. Still didn't work...I am logged into Discord on the computer and mobile app. I tried the mobile QR scanner, says I am ready to talk but the channel doesn't show up then I get an error page on here.
  3. Still won't work....I already have a discord account...I think it is trying to create a new account based on this forum account. I tried to just scan the QR code provided on my mobile discord and nothing shows up on the mobile discord and I get an error on here.
  4. What happened to the template repositories in the docker tab?
  5. Can you post the invite link or the QR code?
  6. Also...is there a trick to just convert only files with remux in the file name?
  7. Hello...just started to use this app...is there a way to see detail at the command line level of what the workers are doing while optimizing?
  8. I know about that one but I would prefer an app made by limetech.
  9. This version is terrific...thanks to all involved for the work into it.
  10. Love this feature....now if we could just get a cell phone app!
  11. I would post your diagnostics file here then...
  12. Go to console and type ifconfig and paste a screenshot of the eth0: stats. If it is 100, then you might need to use ehtool to change the settings in Unraid. Reason you get get something different in a linux environment from a windows environment may just be a setting in the linux environment in unraid. Unless someone else has a better solution...that's my guess.
  13. Using 6.9.1 SAS Assist 0.86 4 drives won't spin down. I assume they might be not compatible with plugin commands? diags attached. please advise. tower-diagnostics-20210907-2128.zip