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  1. Popup returned so issue still happening. Anytime the popup occurs, I hit cancel. Seems to keep everything normal.
  2. Updated to 6.10.1 and I didn't get the browser popup...everything seems to be working for now.
  3. Changed Status to Open Changed Priority to Minor
  4. Update: Tried again...since RC4, this popup in my browser occurs when the array starts. If I hit resend, it borks the main page. If I hit cancel, everything is normal. No idea what the reason for the popup is.
  5. Safe mode results. Same as other RCs. Thank you. golem-diagnostics-20220521-1343.zip
  6. For all intents and purposes, the system is "working". All my containers are working in this configuration when accessing their web page addresses. Dashboard tab shows everything is working. I made sure to update Firefox and clear cache. Still shows stale configuration in Main tab. Container page still shows array must be started banner over running containers. Shares tab has array must be started banner but shares appear and are accessible on my windows network.
  7. This has been occurring with every RC since RC4 through the latest stable. I have to revert back to RC2 for my system to be "normal". Process to update: 1. Stop all dockers. 2. Stop array. 3. Go to Update OS and perform update. 4. Reboot. 5. System updates. (I have autostart array disabled) 6. System boots to main page. Before starting array, I update any plugins. 7. Start array. 8. Browser (Firefox) sends a request to refresh page. (This has been happening with all RCs after RC2) 9. Page refreshes with system in stale configuration. 10. Containers show running with Array must be started for docker to run banner. 11. Chrome browser shows the same thing. golem-diagnostics-20220521-0541.zip
  8. I ended up rolling back to RC2....everything is back to normal.
  9. I was busy at work...so I had rebooted in safe mode and left it. When I got home, it was in safe mode but all my array disks were missing. Cache pools are fine. System devices shows my HBA and the array disks connected to it. This normal for safe mode? I am sending more diagnostics as the system is. golem-diagnostics-20220428-1618.zip
  10. I will retry in safe mode. Just so you are aware, this didn't occur for several days after the update to rc5. With rc4 it was immediate. The only plugins/changes I did after the update to rc5 was adding the nvidia driver and gpu statistics plugin.
  11. This is occurring with RC5. golem-diagnostics-20220428-0923.zip
  12. That did the trick! Thanks for the quick fix!
  13. Towards the end of boot sequence. I don't get any other errors otherwise.
  14. I have noticed this using the RC versions. Otherwise SAS Spin Down works fine. Using all SAS drives connected through a SAS3008 HBA and Supermicro 836 backplane.