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  1. Mover progress indicator and what files are being moved and a mover summary log (if enabled).
  2. FYI....changing CPU Scaling Governor from Performance to On Demand caused kernel panics. At first I thought it was hardware issues but I swapped new hardware with older and known working hardware and was still getting kernel panics within a day of resetting the server. Changed it back to Performance and it hasn't crashed since. Using Supermicro mobo with E5-2600 V2 series CPUs and running 6.10.RC2.
  3. Solved it on my own. Moved a backup of my flash drive super.dat and super.old to the unraid flash drive, did a new config again. All previous array drives showed up and the shrunk drives became unassigned. Odd...but a learning experience.
  4. I wanted to shrink my array and preserved my array/cache pools (I did double check I had both selected). Removed my drives I wanted to shrink, booted into unraid and only my cache pool was preserved. I do have a backup of my disk assignments. If I assign the disks that were originally assigned, how do I know the data would still be there?
  5. Ok...most of my drives are HGST and it still happens, so it appears to be kernel related then.
  6. I am having the same issue. It's a known issue. Fixes are probably coming, either with the plugin or unraid kernel.
  7. Got it working but I can't see any of the sensors. Using Supermicro X9DRL-3F/iF board. I have Supermicro X9 board selected but won't show anything.
  8. I keep getting connection fail in the IPMI IP address field. I can log in through the browser no problem, but won't connect in unraid. Please advise.
  9. Just using unbalance to move files around...keeps saying there isn't enough space even though I have 50TB of free space available.
  10. As title says, for some reason I can't write files to the following disks: 9, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22, 23 10,11 are on the excluded list...gonna pull them soon. I have moved the disks to other slots in the server, checked all connections, check global shares, etc...diskspeed benchmarks the drives fine still can't write to them. Looking for ideas and where else to look. tower-diagnostics-20211117-1901.zip
  11. Yeah then I am really confused...I know I didn't assign a data drive to a parity slot...I've done this before...it just doesn't make sense what happened. All my drives showed up...I assigned my new parity drives first because their serial numbers were unique and similar enough, then the rest were the data drives that were in the system already...I just when down the line and re-assigned them. I started the array, it asked to rebuild the parity drives and it went ahead and did so. It finished rebuilding overnight, I woke up and 48TB was gone.
  12. So...I know what I did wrong...and I thought I have done this many times and never had problems. I hit new config in tools, added the larger, new parity drives, rearranged the physical locations of the data disks AND their order in the array..... Pretty sure that did the damage. Lesson learned...
  13. Thank you. I am going to look into Sonarr logs and see if there was something there that caused the files to get deleted since it was mostly TV media files.
  14. I am absolutely certain...My array was 97% full while it was rebuilding....it was almost done rebuilding when I went to bed. Woke up and blammo....array was only 60% full...it's just bizarre.