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  1. Same, I see mDNS and password not set errors. Looking into these things now. Will report back if I find something.
  2. No matter how many times I changed it or what DNS I changed it to all my WANs, LANs, or VLAN,s would not work work properly. I must of had a DNS corruption hosed up in a switch. The only thing that fixed this was rebooting my entire network rack. I thought it was my unRaid box related because only a few dockers were really showing issues.
  3. Everything has been fine for years. I saw my "my servers" was disconnected. So I logged out and signed back in. I then noticed it had an update. Did the update. Went to the settings page and hit "Provision" and "update DNS". I believe it was at this point something broke. My NZB no longer can resolve any of my news servers. It has a log full of connection refused. Plex can't resolve remote access correctly. Won't show all my home users. Can't log in via plex.tv. Apps sometimes work. Things I've tried: Remove "Myservers plugin (reboot) Delete SSH and SSL folder contents on Flash (reboot) Tried 'No, Yes, and Auto' use SSL/TLS (reboots between each) Replace 'config' folder on Flash from backup. (reboot) Delete network.conf file and start over (reboot) Move from piHole-Dat-Doh to basic piHole Disable piHoles Change all DNS on network equipment and unRaid to Google DNS instead of piHoles. Also did Cloudflare. There is something hung up somewhere and I can't pinpoint it. I can't ping some things from the unRaid console. I am usually OK about isolating issues by just searching but I am at a lost. I've waited 24 hours before posting to let things propagate and leases to expire/renew. Thanks for any help.
  4. Tried running version 0.0.3+2bff016 this morning with Nvidia Driver v465.19.01 and v460.39. The first file it finds stops at about the mid-40% status and I get the following error in the screen shot and I lose the unManic GUI. The error says check internet connection but that's not the case.. f8a91e3b2271.log.gz
  5. I am also getting no GUI access with the latest staging built from scratch. I will downgrade my Nvidia version and report back. I attached my unmanic log. It keeps repeating the same thing over and over. Lots of peewee whatever that is. a9bf91935af9.log.gz
  6. @Yekul I did just that before GPU help was added. I tailored unManic to run around my peak Plex usage times. I don't want to insult your intelligence if you already know how but I will paste what I did here for others. I created two user scripts entries for "Start unManic" and "Stop unManic". You can create 'one' script but I don't like a script pending in the background. Probably doesn't hurt anything but why do it that way. IMO. I hated that there is a possibility that it has a chance of killing it when I file is almost finished converting. But you get over that quick. It is so quick with a GPU, it doesn't matter anymore. Messing with a 90% done CPU transcode hurt my pride a little. Start #!/bin/bash #Start Docker docker start unmanic and Stop #!/bin/bash #Start Docker docker stop unmanic I know cron but use corntab to generate them only because it displays the schedule in english so I know it's correct and I don't screw up.
  7. with :staging or :0.0.1 ? WIll try the same tonight.
  8. Your symptoms sound close to mine. I was trying staging and my RAM and CPU would max out about 15% into the first transcode. I would lose web UI response for a bit and it would come back but be stuck on the same current transcode not doing anything. I went back to 0.0.1 and been running fine that way. Josh.5 thinks it may be related to Audio transcode. I tried disabling that while on staging but still had the same issue. I don't know anything about the backend of this so I am at his mercy. I love the work Josh is doing on unManic but I am perfectly happy on 0.0.1 for the time being. He'll get it. He's done nothing but improve it since its birth.
  9. TB = TeraBytes. I'm Cajun and you're Kiwi, it gets lost in translation. LOL I had stopped unManic sometime late January early February when I first saw the issue I'm having. So nothing was being converted to HEVC. Since I cranked up unManic again since you provided the 0.0.1 branch to me, I've shaved off 2.8 TB's. No rush, enjoy the weekend.
  10. So I tokk a copy of my appData, then changed ":0.0.1" to ":staging" and started unManic. I left HW Decoding unchecked. I also notice the scan takes a bit longer that 0.0.1 to populate a list. It does grab a file right off the bat though. This time the file got to about 15%, CPU pegged out on dashboard and I lost GUI. Let it stay active for a bit then stopped unManic. Took another copy of appData. Went back to 0.0.1 and its happy again. I will PM you nextCloud links to the appData files. Debugging made them too big to add here. Also, you had asked in a PM for the file that was failing. I restarted unManic multiple times in the past with :staging, which grabbed various files and they all did the same thing. It wasn't just one. Some of those files just went through with :0.0.1. Thanks for all your work @Josh.5, I know we'll (you) get it. This is my favorite docker. It is so satisfying to see TB's fall off.
  11. I’ll give it another shot for you tonight. Ive been running 0.1.0 repository and it’s been blowing through my files. Chopped off about 2TB since you gave me that repository a couple days ago. This time I’ll wipe out my appdata again and try from scratch. Do you want my current logs before I switch to compare to what I sent you last time? I believe I turned on debugging.
  12. Added a screenshot of email and the same post on site. The email used to contain the entire post. Seems to have changed with the recent update.
  13. Did this update make the email notifications condensed/cutoff? If so, can there be an option to turn off/on or make it the previous way. I looked and didn't see an option to send email excerpts. I catch up by reading my unRaid folder in my email client from the bottom. But now every post is just a sentence....... Thanks