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  1. Question - i setup backup a while back, but now i no longer wish to do it. The CA Backup tool continues to attempt a backup to a non existent drive mounted via 'unassigned devices'. Is there a way to just reset the settings and stop backup completely? I just can't seem to figure it out...
  2. I had to re-add all my dockers, might have been a fluke, if it happens again next week i'll be back!
  3. Woke up this morning to this in my log: Feb 5 05:00:01 VOLTRON Docker Auto Update: Community Applications Docker Autoupdate running Feb 5 05:00:01 VOLTRON Docker Auto Update: Checking for available updates Feb 5 05:00:09 VOLTRON Docker Auto Update: Installing Updates for CouchPotato deluge hydra NZBGet plex plexpy radarr Sonarr The-Lounge Feb 5 05:25:25 VOLTRON Docker Auto Update: Community Applications Docker Autoupdate finished Then all my dockers were gone, orphan images left behind. The notification setting doesn't work either. Not sure what others logs i can sub
  4. @dmacias wow thank you that was very kind of you and YES it totally worked i now know the DIMM without having to individually test or pull my hair out! The command i used after installing the pkg was literally just ipmiutil sel and i identified my DIMM. 02ae 10/09/16 23:32:14 MIN EFI Memory #00 Correctable ECC, P1_DIMMC2 6f [a0 3b 80]
  5. Also, to anyone looking at this docker... look at The-Lounge instead! Look at the post below, it seems like i was a bit too lazy to put the link here
  6. I tried all combinations except that - thanks CHBMB! Works now..
  7. For some reason, i can't get shell access, docker keeps thinking the image doesn't exist. I have reinstalled, tried all image names, used image ID, nothing.
  8. Quick question, i am trying to identify which DIMM is giving some correctable errors, but freeipmi isn't very useful.. is there any way i can get ipmiutil/selview installed here? http://www.xkyle.com/an-ipmi-sel-viewing-shootout/ My error: Correctable memory error ; OEM Event Data2 code = 3Bh ; OEM Event Data3 code = 80h It happens relatively frequently, 10 times a month since March.. i only just noticed!
  9. Downgrading the firmware on my AP To the previous stable release has resolved my issues with connectivity. Here's to ubiquiti resolving this buggy FW in the next release.
  10. Guys, this latest version, plus the AP firmware they just release, are broken for me. Intermittent wifi access, iPad Air not connecting at all, crippling DNS resolution, slow speed... Is there a feasible roll-back option and would that flash older firmware on my AP?
  11. Can we start a dashboard sharing repository also? I would like to produce this for myself also...
  12. Hey there, this is great. I would like to get started on building a Grafana dash for unRAID that records historical data - this seems to be ideal for doing this. atribe perhaps you should get a repository for peoples templates here and maybe a small how-to guide?
  13. I have updated to RC5 just now with no issues, thank you.
  14. Upgraded from RC3 with no issues - thank you!
  15. Anyone interested in the other components could definitely help showstopper out! It's hard to sell PSU, MB, CASE, GPU on its own...
  16. It was just not booting the VM at all. But it looks like after some tinkering today i got it working, so hey-ho my issue is a non-issue. I have not seen that wiki, and wow it seems updated since i've last been! Hope this forums reference is still useful as when i searched for the URL it didn't come up.
  17. I only started searching about the problem when i couldn't get it to work, this is why i stumbled across that site... VGA BIOS not UEFI compatible apparently. This is my card: http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=5369#ov
  18. Hey everyone, i was trying to see if my GPU would work with OVMF with the least amount of effort, and i stumbled across this useful VGA Bios Collection on techpowerup.com so if you are looking to buy a GPU or use an old one, it might be a quick method (not sure how accurate) for you to determine compatibility. https://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/ Sadly, mine is not compatible!
  19. Thank you, i did search for "Error: layers from manifest don't match image configuration" but did not come up with the right results it seems. Thank you. Good chance to move my appdata as well!
  20. I'm using /mnt/cache folder, and i get this on 6.2 RC2 [pre]Pulling image: linuxserver/unifi:latest IMAGE ID [latest]: Pulling from linuxserver/unifi. IMAGE ID [f069f1d21059]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [ecbeec5633cf]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [ea6f18256d63]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [54bde7b02897]: Already exists. IMAGE ID [e93d64ee804b]: Pulling fs layer. Downloading 100% of 2 KB. Verifying Checksum. Download complete. Extracting. Pull complete. IMAGE ID [40babc1abf0e]: Pulling fs layer. Downloading 100% of 216 MB. Verifying Checksum. Download complete. Extracting. Pul
  21. I've used SATIP for just over a year, it's a great way to watch TV across the house. This should make for an interesting docker for sure. I have a Telestar Digibit R1 (for sale now) i wonder if this will run on it...
  22. Thanks to all who helped clear this old stock out!