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  1. I opened my config network file. There my gateway has different numbers than my standard gateway of my router. Shouldit bethesame? Alsodns is different I can delete that config file, but i really need. Static ip Whatshould i do
  2. I changed my internet provider and got a new modem/router. Before the switch dropbox/sabnzb w working perfect for years. Now with the change, sabnzb doesnt do anything anymore. If i click check for updates on docker page, the page keeps loading, so i think i got no internet connection with my unraid machine.. Not sure. I got a static ip adress .. As before.. Not sure whats wrong, someone pls can help Thank you! All my other machines which have dynamic ip, work flawless
  3. How do i know if os is tumbleweed? How come the server inside th dock isnt upgrading? What can i do to force it?
  4. Euh do i need this new docker? Not sure which one i have, but the docker im using now is still on emby server 3.0.62 and the app says theres new server version 3.0.82 Then when i click to update the docker, it says i got latest version? Strange I also experience problems using 2 kodi machines.. Library isnt synced. When i turn on device 1 , it rscans complete library, although max 5 new titles. Same if i turn on device 2 , it rescans completely Help wanted pls
  5. I got dropbox running All working well My pics from my nexus phone auto uploads to dropbox.. And dropbox is synced to my unraid cache drive Now i want those pics on my cache now to be on my unraid data disk How do i do this? What if i delete pics on my nexus.. Are they deleted on my dropbox too? If i add pics on my phone .. Will it sync. To my dropbox just the new ones or everything again? Thx for the help
  6. So you got it succesffuly sleep and wake up with your saslp-mv8 card? I, on the other hand want to avoid this extra power consumption (bear in mind that fans keep spinning when disks are spun down) Anyway, i dont know if this helps you, in order for my server to go to sleep i had to do some BIOS tweaking (i guess you already tried it but i mention it just in case...). I enabled suspend to S3 and also wake by PCI this allows both sending to sleep and waking by magic packet, at least in my mobo. Also, i enabled the g setting in my ethernet card, which allows it to wake by magic packets
  7. No gui is unreachable. Posted here too I also have that saslp expansion card see This might be the cause
  8. I don't know if you will get a response from bonienl or not. S3 sleep is/has been a source of problems for the past few years. Some people have absolutely not problems using it and other have absolutely no luck! One thing, I do recall from a few years back is that the MB often has a part in any problems. You should check to see if your MB has a BIOS update. Google your MB and s3 problems. Go to the manufacturer's website and download all manuals, search his forums. Read those manuals and see if you have the BIOS set up correctly. Try posting your problem in a separate thread in the User Customization portion of this forum. A separate thread (properly titled) will focus on YOUR problem and is much more likely to be seen by someone who can help. just found this i also have this saslp card and same mobo guess im stuck?
  9. @bonienl could you pls help? Is there a way to see if something is wrong?
  10. Where is support on this forum?
  11. Mobo is asus M4A78LT-M It has onboard realtek 8112L
  12. A year ago i used unraid V5 and a sleep script I changed bios for that, all working fine. Then i didnt use it anymore but just deleted script and updated to version 6 of unraid. Running 6.1.9 now and time to get back to use sleep I installed Dynamix plugin And tried it When i put it to sleep, it sleeps Then when i try to wake it up. Server turns on and get power back, however its not reachable to gui ,nor to the files, although it fysical looks awake. Added syslog to have a look into it. Please do so and help me out, i really need it. Not sure if the trying is in the log, since i had to power it off with case button and back on Log see attachment
  13. I have it installed and Photoshow is really just a fancy web viewer for your photo directory. It works for me because I have my photos separated into folders/subfolders. I don't believe it supports tagging or anything like that. Besides the manual upload via the web interface, I don't believe it has any syncing ability (be it your phone or Cloud services) Personally I like the idea of separating syncing and viewing but Owncloud might be an alternative that does both. If you don't have your server on 24/7 then perhaps you could look into syncing with Google (now provides unlimited space for photos <16Mp) or Dropbox and then include that directory on Photoshow. If viewing your pics on a mobile device, there are probably other options to provide a better user interface than a standard web interface like Photoshow Oh yeah, the problem with using Google for your syncing is that to my knowledge there isn't a good Linux Google sync program yet (ironic?). Dropbox may be a better option and then just clear it out every so often. Thx for responding. Trying to get owncloud installed, doesnt work for now lol Will try further Yeah thats problem, its not on 24/7 I wonder if i try to upload from phone to owncloud if it would wake up if it sleeps
  14. I tried again I put system to sleep (works) Then i try to wake up.. If i look fysical to server, i see it wakes up.. Everything turns on again.. But when i try to go to gui or trying to access with filebrowser, it doesnt responds I restarted and this is in my syslog, not sure if you can see the sleep try in it
  15. Had same problem, try different browser
  16. Mm cant wake him up for now.. I put it into sleep, then i woke up, app to wake up says its online, but when trying to go to gui, its not responsive Edit: is there a way to check bios setting in the unraid gui to see if sleep is enabled.. I enabled it before back in v5 days, but cant remember if its still enabled
  17. Can someone pls explain all parts of sleep s3 settings? Not sure what to put in
  18. Nobody? What addon , docker or plugin do i need to get sleep?
  19. Does photoshow do all what i need? Does it sync or backup from for ex dropbox or my phone? Can i view my pics in an attractive way from ipad and other?
  20. Mobo is asus M4A78LT-M For now, i keep pressing my fysical on/off button. However maybe its time to put the server to sleep or S5 off state. Not sure if my mobo supports.. How trusty is this on version 6 of unraid? What to do , to make sure its right?
  21. just read this After some digging around, I came across sparklyballs' excellent photoshow docker plugin. It is available via his repository (through community plugins). Extremely easy to install and easy to use. The latest version of photo station offers a nice feature which is on the fly transcoding to lower quality which helps play hq video over slower connections. You could even use btsync on your phone and unraid server to emulate the dsphoto automatic backup feature. The other way of course, would be to use plexpass and do everything through there. Perhaps thats what i need? Not sure about sorting and backing up Other thing is, my unraid is not 24/24 on.. So maybe it should upload my pics on phone first to dropbox/google drive or smth else, before moving to unraid/owncload? Edit 2: also check about using sleep/off state S5, this might be in line with this, if i need it