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  1. is it possible to use hddtemp without waking up the disks?
  2. Hello!, can usb_modeswitch be added? Ref: Basically it allows to change the USB mode of LTE modems from storage to modem.
  3. Where do we put a feature request for this? The use case is you don't even put an IP on the physical interface, it's only a carrier with the highest MTU possible. Then you create VLANs for the different services. For unraid it would be: - physical interface: MTU=1500 - regular use (content consumption): MTU=1500 - NAS network for home lab: MTU=9000 Those VLANs must support any of all the parameters you're supposed to define to a interface.
  4. Hello!, I'm running 6.9.1 and I cannot access to any of the containers' web interface through the network, did a quick review of the logs but my web browser' just errors out with a timeout message. Is this something you've seen? Before updating (6.9.0), I recreated the docker.img and containers without any change. Aftewards updated to 6.9.1 and it's the same...
  5. To be honest, because I'm lazy, and micro-management for home workloads doesn't add any value (to me?). If there's a sudden spike of load, would you be shuffling VM/CPU assignment?, even worse if you cannot change configuration without shutting down a VM in unRAID. It's really easy to get an unbalanced CPU consumption, and this is only with 6 VMs:
  6. Hello!, would it be possible to disable CPU pinning (selecting which thread should a VM have access to)?, I really don't want to do micro-management of which cores are used. I just would like to say "this VM can use 2 vCPU/Threads". For a home/personal use, I really don't care which ones are being used.
  7. Hello!, is it possible to manually set tray layouts positions?. Have 3 5in3 boxes, and a an 4in1 boxes. Each of them defined as a different group. I would like to have in the representation this view (top to down): 4x2.5"-in-1 box (box0) 5x3.5"-in-3 box (box1) 5x3.5"-in-3 box (box2) 5x3.5"-in-3 box (box3) Just like I see it in the tower.
  8. Thanks!, completely missed the banner detail..
  9. I think it's as good as it gets right now, another model that would better suit you is for them charge by actual capacity (regardless of using 20x2TB vs 4x10TB) and not by disk count, but will suck for the rest of us in this tiny universe
  10. interestingly enough, the other songs I hear for enterprise are: - we need to run a tender always - procurement process is too cumbersome to do it just for us$ 5k
  11. Hello!, how do I check which licensing level do I have?. The status page for the license only states how many disks I have now, but doesn't state what's my max licensed/allowed slots.
  12. Hello!, Anybody with experience with any 4in1 and 6in1 cages that can provide feedback on noise & heat?. I've been evaluating these: Icy Dock MB994SP-4SB-1 Icy Dock MB607SP-B Silverstone FS204B But lately though about jumping to the 6 drive cages: Icy Dock MB608SP-B Icy Dock MB996SP-6SB
  13. I'm planning to build a NAS with these components: 3 x CSE-M35TQB 2 x PERC H310 1 x HP 9205-8i 6 x Supermicro Cbl-0097L-02 cables 1 × Supermicro X9SCM-F MB Should that mix allow SES2 signaling?, I'm mostly interested in the use of the failure LED.
  14. I'm wondering how many users from Paraguay and or LATAM do we have lurking the forums. In the trade section I see offers from UK, US and Australia but not much from LATAM. Facebook trading group are messy, would like to shop locally using our tidier forums 😉
  15. Well that build has been frozen for some years. I would like to restart it. Still have the 3 x CSE-M35TQB cages and 2 x H310. Also, I plan to get 1 x H220. This will allow me to match 1 cage to 1 HBA, 5 ports per HBA (3 unused ports per HBA). Waiting for an E3-1265L v2 and X9SCM-F. Will kill 3 PCIe slots but SES2 LEDs should work. Any better ideas?
  16. Hello!, Just installed the plugin in the hope of being able to monitor my generic UPS. From the autodetect function, I got this configuration: These are the detected USB devices: But I get "Access denied" errors while testing the driver: Detailed device info: Any hints?
  17. Hello!, I need to add a VLAN to my NAS and handle all the networking on that VLAN. The issue I see is that I cannot disable addressing on the bridge (only available options are "Static" or "Authomatic", but no "None" as is available on the VLAN). If I leave the bridge in Automatic, I get a link local address with a default route that overrides what comes by DHCP on the VLAN, hence I cannot route outside of the LAN. I set it to static via CLI which fixes routing but DNS client configuration is not applied (VLAN has DHCP configuration enabled). Any hints?
  18. Hello, Tried to do that, the start turned button turned grey when I unassigned the non-used (missing?) disk. Then I distroyed everything and started from scratch and now seems to be working properly. Thanks!
  19. Hi!, I just built a new unRAID machine with v6.8.3, and after adding two cache devices I don't see a BTRFS mirror: Is there something I'm missing?
  20. Well, found an old backup of the initial setup. Used the initial config with less disks to figure out which drives are for parity, added the additional 4 disks that were included afterwards and market parity as OK. Filesystem mounted, and currently cleaning out encrypted files.
  21. Well, I got owned (somehow, I still don't know how). As I neglated to disable the default pendrive share, all the files related to the UNRAID installation are encrypted. Is there any known procedure to figure out disk roles in the disk set (volume configuration) in order to recover?, I recall that autodiscovery reading from the disks was not a feature.
  22. Hello!, Anybody has experience with P222 in JBOD mode?. I've read some references of that being supported in newer firmware versions. I need to deploy a remote Microserver Gen8 and it's the only supported addon card (using other HBAs will force fans to full speed). Option 1 (if JBOD possible): - plug disk cage to the P222 (might enable hotplug?) - mod the Microserver to connect 2xSSD disks to the onboard ports with SAS to SATA breakout cables Option 2 (if JBOD not supported) - keep cage connected with MB - mod the Microserver to connect 2xSSD disks to the P222 and setup a RAID1 volume. In any case, I would use the resulting SSD setup for cache. Second option would be ugliest since unRAID would think it's unprotected, but looks like it would be cosmetic. If hotplug is possible with P222, that would be desired thought.
  23. Anybody have seen high memory usage?, just had to kill the container because it was consuming 28GB of memory. 4 cameras, copy only (no enconding)