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  1. Thanks for the info, I have the same issue as well.
  2. EDIT - i deleted everything i wrote. I'd like to thank you for your help. I am just pretty unwell and will take this up again when i don't feel so ordinary. Appreciate your efforts mate.
  3. I found the UUID via the 'GPU Statistics' plugin. Normally its meant to be under the info button at top right in advanced? Its not there. But then i found it in big green obvious text on the appropriate nvidia page. What have you done by now? Have you followed the instructions from page one? Yes, i wasnt sure if they were still relevant given i am using the new version of unraid and using the drivers a different way. But i reinstalled the docker the driver and checked it against the instructions. Plex settings attached. The TL;DR is --runtime=nvidia for extra paramters, and two new variables NVIDIA_DRIVER_CAPABILITIES = all NVIDIA_VISIBLE_DEVICES = GPU-c3a4dc42-57bc-cd6b-67d8-2b6468aed4cd The docker is now slow to start. "Can you give me a screenshot from the Plugin page of the Nvidia-Driver?" Yes, attached. And thanks for the reply.
  4. I might need some help, I had nVidia P600 passed through to Plex before the latest build, now its broken. I cant seem to find the UUID of the GPU now root@Tower:~# nvidia-smi Wed Mar 3 20:07:05 2021 +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | NVIDIA-SMI 455.45.01 Driver Version: 455.45.01 CUDA Version: 11.1 | |-------------------------------+----------------------+----------------------+ | GPU Name Persistence-M| Bus-Id Disp.A | Volatile Uncorr. ECC | | Fan Temp Perf Pwr:Usage/Cap| Memory-Usage | GPU-Util Compute M. | | | | MIG M. | |===============================+======================+======================| | 0 Quadro P400 Off | 00000000:0C:00.0 Off | N/A | | 31% 44C P0 N/A / N/A | 0MiB / 2000MiB | 0% Default | | | | N/A | +-------------------------------+----------------------+----------------------+ +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | Processes: | | GPU GI CI PID Type Process name GPU Memory | | ID ID Usage | |=============================================================================| | No running processes found | +-----------------------------------------------------------------------------+ And i have the drivers installed via the new plugin (used to be an unraid nvidia build i believe) Seems I have to rebuild plex docker, but cant seem to get the UUID, its not listed in 'info'. Am i doing this wrong? Or missing something?
  5. I did some searching and a solution wasn't obvious, also couldn't seem to make a post in plugins forum. I get constant notifications for plugin updates that are only valid for an RC build i am not running, is there a way to only see plugins that are relevant to my current build?
  6. Awesome, thanks. EDIT - Thanks to binhex for the work too !
  7. Is it possible to get the Shinobi docker to use two storage locations? I.e. if i pass it two unassigned drives (only the first one is the "video storage location", and the second i just added as another path. Cant seem to get it to work. I'd like to split cameras across 2 unassigned drives.
  8. Hi All I am running into performance issues. Running an i7 with 24GB RAM, and 8 Hikvision cameras. CPU is mostly pegged at 100% For the stream i have it set to copy, with no audio, ditto for recording. I have followed SpaceInvaderOne's guide on passing through an nVidia GPU to try and leverage HW acceleration, ditto with QuickSync - still ends up with 100% usage. I'm writing to an unassigned drive, as per the guide (4TB Purple) Stream Type - Poseidon, via WebSocket I have tried Video Codec ... Copy H.264 NVENC H.264 QuickSync Video H.264 VA-API Intel Acceleration I have tried these settings in 'Input' and 'Recording', but now i feel like I am going around in circles. Is there something silly i am missing? Also, when i used any sort of HW acceleration setting, the Monitor windows are all black. I'd like to move to Unraid an Shinobi, but not if 8 cameras are going to peg an i7 and 100% 24/7. Thoughts? EDIT - just set the entire thing up again on an AMD 1600AF and 16GB RAM, CPU usage isnt 100%, but its way too high to leave like this 24/7 And log for one of the cameras trying to use nVidia card - "Unknown encoder 'h264_nvenc' ", and "Unknown decoder 'h264_qsv'" for Quicksync
  9. The absolute versatility of the platform. Unraid is not quite like anything else... VMs? Check. Passthrough? Check. Use on pretty much anything from a Celeron to a Threadripper? Check. Increase, decrease storage flexibly? Check. Use whatever disks you want? Check. Dockers? Check. Huge amount of plugins, VPN's, parity, it just goes on and on. Massive community? Check. Etc etc etc And I can (and do) virtualize Unraid itself! There is pretty much nothing to dislike about Unraid, and its flexibility and community support make it a winner. Going forward, I'd like many others would like to see multiple pools. And maybe more flexibility with licensing, and official support for virtualization of Unraid itself.
  10. Just wanted to both say thanks and give an update. I nuked everything except the license on the original flash drive, copied over all the files representing the very different config from the new systems flash drive, and it all just works. Appreciate the assist. Cheers
  11. Thanks Frank That was a quick and straightforward reply, really appreciated it. The drive is newer, though essentially same brand and model. It would in some ways be preferable to just transfer the license if the whole new hardware/config etc doesn't get in the way. And from what you said it shouldn't. I'll look more closely at both options. Cheers!
  12. Hi all My scenario. I have done some reading on transferring the license to a new USB, but my case seems a little different. I have set up an entirely new system, new server, new drives, new dockers, new config. This has been done with a trial license. Data transferred from old to new. My existing Unraid server has a full top tier license. What i want to do. I'd like to find the easiest way to migrate the license/config to the new server, and abandon the old. I have backed up the config of the official licensed server. I dont mind keeping the original USB flash drive if this is easier. But i am little confused as to how best to do this. Should i just wipe the licensed USB flash drive, copy the contents of the trial to it, and boot with that? I assume its not that simple.
  13. Thanks for the reply. VLANs work just fine with or without VM's or Dockers. I can create sub-interfaces of the eth1 and hit unraid on any of those subinterfaces. I just cant seem to have no IP address on the parent interface of eth0
  14. No one has seen this? I can't be the only one surely.
  15. Hi I have done a bit of googling and cant see an answer I have a 1G Intel NIC and a 10G SFP NIC. I want to remove this NIC from unraid, and just have the 10G NIC with VLANs only, no parent IP address. The 1G NIC has a static address on VLAN10, no VLAN set, just a static address. The 10G NIC has 'none' set as the ip address, it has VLANs added, and appropriate static addresses on these. No combination of what i do seems to allow me to just have the 10G NIC, with VLANs, and no 1G NIC. By that i mean if i disabled the 1G NIC, or use 'vfio-pci-ids=blah:bah'. I end up with just the 10G interface, but i cant set the IP address as 'none' and only use VLAN subinterfaces. It seems eth0, whatever device that represents, cant have IP address as none. What am i doing wrong, or can i even do what i want?
  16. Certainly seems so now, maybe one of my addons was blocking it. Thanks for taking the time to reply
  17. Any change anyone can upload theses again please. Google drive link seems dead, and the other link requires a subscription. Cheers!
  18. Thanks, after posting i started thinking the same. So i have some sort of device that is apparently 128M in size, that unraid is having trouble parsing? I'll check the passthrough of the VM, but honestly, i have no idea what it might be. Thanks itimpi EDIT - it appears that the device is a virtual drive added in the process of virtualizing unraid in esxi 6.5. So now probably out of the scope of this tread perhaps? However, i have been running this a long time without issue. When moving to 6.4, had this problem continuously. Might keep digging.
  19. Appreciate the reply. What i dont get then, is what that device is? root@Tower:~# lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT loop0 7:0 0 7.4M 1 loop /lib/modules loop1 7:1 0 4.5M 1 loop /lib/firmware loop2 7:2 0 20G 0 loop /var/lib/docker loop3 7:3 0 1G 0 loop /etc/libvirt sda 8:0 1 14.5G 0 disk └─sda1 8:1 1 14.5G 0 part /boot sdb 8:16 0 128M 0 disk sdc 8:32 0 2.7T 0 disk └─sdc1 8:33 0 2.7T 0 part sdd 8:48 0 2.7T 0 disk └─sdd1 8:49 0 2.7T 0 part sde 8:64 0 2.7T 0 disk └─sde1 8:65 0 2.7T 0 part sdf 8:80 0 2.7T 0 disk └─sdf1 8:81 0 2.7T 0 part sdg 8:96 0 2.7T 0 disk └─sdg1 8:97 0 2.7T 0 part sdh 8:112 0 1.8T 0 disk └─sdh1 8:113 0 1.8T 0 part /dev/sda is the flash drive itself it seems. /dev/sdb is listed as a 128M device. So it must be a partition on the unraid USB flash drive? Sorry, pretty new to looking at linux devices on the command line. And by pretty new, I mean - learning about it right now Thanks mate!
  20. Ok, been up 2 days and 6 hours, updated to 6.5. Pre-clear plugin gone. First time i try to update a plugin, blank window again. Have to reboot every time i wan't to update a plugin still it seems.... tower-diagnostics-20180423-1815.zip
  21. Thanks for the reply. Had to reboot to remove pre-clear. However there is no obvious way to upgrade to 6.5 from 6.4. Is 6.5 the current release, or is the option not there because its a release candidate or some such? EDIT, nvm issue is with user. Upgrading now.
  22. Mine still breaks regularly. Server is up for a few days, have to do a complete restart to update plugins. Tried different browsers/PC's too, as i thought it might be related to a reddit thread here. EDIT - it seems i cant access the log through the GUI either, nothing loads in the window. Its a bit annoying. Any suggestions? Diagnostics attached tower-diagnostics-20180420-1930.zip
  23. Yup, me too. Running virtualized unraid. I'll hard set the memory allocation and see if that helps.