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  1. The problem is hassio, it doesn't support bluetooh usb stick, the only bluetooth that supports is the on in raspberry pi.
  2. @limetech Hello, could you please add the firmware of this Bluetooth chip https://linuxreviews.org/Realtek_RTL8761B https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/rtl8761b-fw/ It is probably the most (if not the only one) bluetooth chip used in usb dongles that supports bluetooth 5.0
  3. look at the cpu when your run it, it's max out?
  4. How can I fix this error? More or less everything works fine, but I no longer see Radarr working automatically, I mean it don't upgrade or download wanted movies automatically unless I do it manually in the webui
  5. What was this problem about? Does it require qemu 5.1?
  6. I had these errors in beta 25, an almost clean reinstall of beta 25 solved them. The problem was described here, and I was not the only one with this problem. No one could help. Now I have upgraded to beta 29 and I get this errors again Sep 29 18:25:42 Unraid ntpd[1794]: receive: Unexpected origin timestamp 0xe31dde87.044110ba does not match aorg 0000000000.00000000 from server@ xmt 0xe31dde86.72b4c6d5 Sep 29 18:48:24 Unraid ntpd[1794]: receive: Unexpected origin timestamp 0xe31de3d8.61c48512 does not match aorg 0000000000.00000000 from server@147.156
  7. https://wiki.unraid.net/Files_on_v6_boot_drive
  8. Not that I notice, but i didn't like it xD. If you know how in 30 mins you can do a fresh install by just keeping some config file from the flash. In the wiki there is an explanation for all the config files.
  9. I did an almost fresh install to solve it
  10. unraid-diagnostics-20200807-1751.zip Uploaded diagnostics file in case it helps with the troubleshooting @limetech
  11. Can someone please help me here? it shouln't be that hard for someone with a little bit of knowledge around linux. I have spent hours googling I have tried everything but still can not solve this issue unraid-diagnostics-20200805-1959.zip
  12. Anyone else is having problems with NTP?
  13. @limetech I have this "error" too, and a few other in this post. Beta 25 right now Jul 29 17:54:21 Unraid smbd[25083]: [2020/07/29 17:54:21.267529, 0] ../../lib/param/loadparm.c:415(lp_bool) Jul 29 17:54:21 Unraid smbd[25083]: lp_bool(no): value is not boolean! Jul 29 17:54:24 Unraid smbd[25083]: [2020/07/29 17:54:24.237445, 0] ../../lib/param/loadparm.c:415(lp_bool) Jul 29 17:54:24 Unraid smbd[25083]: lp_bool(no): value is not boolean! Jul 29 17:54:24 Unraid smbd[25083]: [2020/07/29 17:54:24.253927, 0] ../../lib/param/loadparm.c:415(lp_bool) Jul 29 17:54:24 Unraid smbd
  14. For some reason when I reboot unraid move the time 2 hours forward. Look at the date command, it resolves ok, the others are wrong? how can I fix this? I have removed the drift file from the flash but might not be related, and for some reason NTP is not re-creating the file Aug 3 20:55:56 Unraid root: Stopping NTP daemon... Aug 3 20:55:57 Unraid ntpd[18975]: ntpd 4.2.8p15@1.3728-o Tue Jun 23 18:44:10 UTC 2020 (1): Starting Aug 3 20:55:57 Unraid ntpd[18975]: Command line: /usr/sbin/ntpd -g -u ntp:ntp Aug 3 20:55:57 Unraid ntpd[18975]: --------------------------
  15. Some more info NTP conf file # Sample /etc/ntp.conf: Configuration file for ntpd. # # Undisciplined Local Clock. This is a fake driver intended for backup # and when no outside source of synchronized time is available. The # default stratum is usually 3, but in this case we elect to use stratum # 0. Since the server line does not have the prefer keyword, this driver # is never used for synchronization, unless no other other # synchronization source is available. In case the local host is # controlled by some external source, such as an external oscil
  16. I was getting NTP related errors and when I update NTS settings I get this, can someone please help me to find a solution? It happend after a hard shutdown (electricity went off) but I don't know if it's related. Jul 28 18:44:14 Unraid ntpd[2010]: kernel reports TIME_ERROR: 0x41: Clock Unsynchronized Jul 28 18:44:15 Unraid ntpd[2010]: frequency error 2004 PPM exceeds tolerance 500 PPM Jul 28 18:46:03 Unraid emhttpd: cmd: /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix/scripts/tail_log syslog Jul 28 18:46:45 Unraid root: Fix Common Problems: Other Warning: Could not perform docker applicatio
  17. See this please I am using Version: 6.9.0-beta25 I
  18. I removed the docker folder plugin and now it works @GuildDarts
  19. Start, stop, and restart buttons on docker tab doesn' work, when I click on any docker and try to do any of these actions nothing happens. I have tried several web brosers, cleared cache anb a restart of unraid server and I get the same result. EDIT and the other actions work fine.
  20. I understand that at least my switch has to be layer3+4 compatible, right?
  21. @klamath @ken-ji Should it look like this? Thanks in advance
  22. Any update? The template can be just based on the oficial docker repo https://hub.docker.com/_/caddy/
  23. this is only executed at the boot time of unraid, right? Do i have to add #ifconfig? or starting with "bond0 down...." is enough?