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  1. @DyonTrue that would be quicker/simpler but my example will test each of my containers(run the command on host, not inside a container) and it pulls data from two sources to show me both the IP and the country I am routing through. Just a nice little sanity check I can copy/paste and see what all my containers are doing and confirm one isn't misconfigured and getting my actual IP. They do not all run through one VPN so its nice to see a list. So far, this container is great. Thank you for the extremely detailed reply above as well. Is there any way to allow communication to a specific (or set of) local address? For example, if I pass NZBGet and Sonarr/Radarr through the VPN but I want to use connections to update Plex on download/rename/import or I want to add one of the containers to Organizr/Heimdall, they cannot reach each other. I know this is obviously the intended behavior as we don't want any network traffic going over the unprotected WAN, but a LAN whitelist could be useful.
  2. BTW, for anyone who wants to double check that they set this up correctly and their traffic is being routed through the VPN, you can run the following in your Unraid console. This will hit every container you have and check for and public IP address and Country. I'm sure there is a cleaner/shorter way to do this but this is what I got and it works. Note if you don't have curl installed in a container, this will return a blank value. Just install curl and re-run. for I in $(docker ps --format '{{.Names}}'); do \ location=$(docker exec -it $I curl -ks \ | grep flag | sed -e 's/.*from \(.*\),.*/\1/'); \ printf "%-15s%s\n" "$I:" "$location"; \ location=$(docker exec -it $I curl -ks; \ printf "%-15s%s\n" "$I:" "$location"; \ done
  3. I was able to get mine running with ovpn no problem. Just a shot in the dark but did you see his note about auth-user-pass for OpenVPN?
  4. Hey there. Looking to try this out tonight but had a question about the restart_container function which is set to no by default. Please forgive my lack of knowledge in this area but in what scenario would I not want it to restart automatically? If this is set to no and the connection is dropped for some reason such as if the VPN server goes offline, will the service begin working again once that specific VPN server comes online again or does the killswitch mean it stays offline until it restarts?
  5. So I have my own Grafana board setup and do not use this container but you should be able to just edit the telegraf.conf and enable the server and enter unraid IP under [[inputs.apcupsd]]. I don't remember having to do anything else to get my APC UPS stats to appear.
  6. Understood. Just a different approach from what I am used to seeing on other containers with VPNs where it simply refuses to run without a VPN link. As a novice user, it scared me to see the container running without it. I do not fully understand all the back end work that goes into this and simply reported it as it was something I did not expect and thought it may have been an issue. Thank you for the explanation and updating the container.
  7. Yeah I read that step but it concerned me that the container was running when the VPN link was not up as there was no VPN configured yet. Made me think that if my VPN ever stopped, the container would continue to run without it and reveal my IP and data. Thanks.
  8. Just installed the OpenVPN HyDeSa container. The kill switch does not seem to work correctly. I just installed it and the container running and is reporting my real IP address(used curl to verify). I did not setup any OVPN config files yet so I would assume the container should refuse to start or at least refuse connection to the internet shouldn't it?
  9. I am having the same issue but I do not use PIA. I have a Privoxy with VPN as well which does not have any issues. I am guessing it is an issue with the docker container, not our VPNs. I'm a derp...It was my VPN after all. I didn't realize my .ovpn config file in this container was connecting to a different server than my Privoxy+VPN. Switched it out to match what I have in Privoxy and this worked immediately. Guess one of their servers was down or something. All good now.
  10. Same here. This seems to happen to me every 2-4 weeks it will just randomly fail. I think the DB keeps getting corrupted somehow and I have to delete the app folder, download a fresh image, restore from backup file i transfer into the new app folder, and then it works again for another 2-4 weeks before failing again.
  11. I wish I could be more helpful here but I only have personal hands on experience with that particular model UPS in my earlier post since it is the model I personally own. I would assume that if there is no display, you should have some sort of console or serial port to manage the UPS. It's possible the settings I am referring to exist in the console. I would recommend calling up APC for support. Don't tell them you are trying to get the UPS working with a montioring system in linux or anything like that as they wont know how to help. Just ask them if your UPS support ModBus(or the other options unRAID supports) and ask how to enable it. Id be happy to assist beyond that step if you like but I am by no means an expert. I work for an MSP providing level 2/3 tech support for enterprise clients but our company does not work much in the Linux world, mostly Windows. Though I still pick up enough info here and there to connect the dots that others may not notice if you catch my meaning. I have good resources and can ask my engineering team for advice if there is something over my head as well.
  12. If Dent_'s solution above does not work for you, open your Bitdefender web browser TrafficLight extension and add your unRAID URL(not the IP) to the exception list there. It is the TrafficLight extension which caused the crashes in my case.
  13. So I am having some issues here with trying to change my encryption passphrase...I simply wanted to change my passphrase to something longer as my current one is too short to really be considered secure. As far as I can tell, I can create passphrase up to 512 characters long and so I did via "cryptsetup luksAddKey /dev/md#" for all 13 of my HDDs(1 parity and 12 data drives). I have confirmed that my new passphrase unlocks each individual drive by opening them in verbose mode and confirming that slot1(slot0 being the original passphrase) is unlocking the drives. However when I reboot my unRAID server and try to unlock my array with the same new passphrase, it fails to start and says I have the wrong passphrase. Am I missing something here? I have a total of 13 HDDs for data and parity and 2 SSDs as cache drives. Not sure if I need to add the same key for my cache SSDs but I dont know what path to use(/dev/?). Can anyone point me in the right direction please? I am running unRAID Version: 6.7.0-rc7
  14. So I had the same issue but the solution made me feel like an absolute idiot....spent a good 20-30 minutes trying to figure this out but eventually got it: 1. Enable advanced config options on your UPS via the on screen display 2. Open configuration options and scroll down until you find ModBus 3. Change ModBus to Enabled. It is disabled by default on all APC UPS units. 4. In unRAID UPS Setting menu, set the "UPS Cable" to USB and set "UPS Type" to ModBus. No additional settings like /dev/tty** are required. It may take a minute or two for the info to load but it will. ***Make sure you use the USB-A to USB-B cable to connect your UPS to the server, not the RJ-45 to USB-A. ModBus does not seem to work with the RJ-45 port on the UPS***
  15. Sorry to revive an old thread like this but did you ever figure out how to allow this through Bitdefender? I have the same or at least very similar issue and also have Bitdefender. I can open the syslog from the tools menu in the WebGUI but cant open the log from the shortcut next to Help and Info buttons and cant open the docker logs. I get the pop-up window but it seems to be stuck loading and just displays a blank white page. I have left it sitting for hours but nothing ever loads. Whitelisting my unRAID server URL doesn't seem to help and accessing it from another PC without Bitdefender works as it should.