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  1. Favorite: How easy it is to use and get started for 2020: maybe some way for the VM GUI to not reset custom xml. I don't know if having a separate area for custom entries that could be merged to the GUI generated xml on VM boot could work?
  2. Do you remember what specifically you did for iMessage/Facetime? The Appstore and iCloud work fine for me, but not the other two. edit: This vm has two EFI mountable partitions, the top one has the CLOVER directory in it, the bottom one looks similar to the partitions mentioned in every tutorial but only has an APPLE folder. I'm a little lost.
  3. 16GB DDR3, works fine for a home NAS/media server. I am planning on upgrading next year to be able to run a couple VMs and reduce the number of computers I have running 24/7.
  4. So for this to work you would need a router that supports vLANs as well? It doesn't look like the stock ASUS firmware has that functionality.
  5. That works. I can use my router as the client DNS just fine, that doesn't solve the problem of not being able to access Dockers with custom IPs.
  6. You most certainly need to be able to access it to use it. What are you talking about? You haven't added anything to this thread except say that it works for you and you don't know why.
  7. Unraid is The pi-hole container is on br0 with a custom ip of If I connect through wireguard I can't see to use it as a DNS.
  8. I cannot figure out how to get my phone to see the pi-hole docker container on I have the DNS configured on the client side. Setting NAT doesn't seem to change anything either. I can see other physical nodes on the network, just not the docker assigned a custom IP.
  9. I just installed the docker and the only settings I changed were setting network type to custom and the time zone to America/New_York. When I go into the admin UI I can't change anything because of this. Does anyone have any insight? Edit: It looks like running chmod 0777 -R /mnt/user/appdata/pihole/pihole/ from the terminal fixed it. After hitting save I changed it back to 0755 and everything seems to be working normally. What would cause the permission issue in the first place?
  10. Does it go on the server side of the peer config or the client side? I tried both and nothing changed. I can access other IPs on the network, just not custom IPs from Unraid.
  11. is my router is my Unraid server and are peers I can connect to and from both peers, but I can't figure out the routing to be able to get to a docker with its own IP ( I'm not currently running any VMs.
  12. That is with a write corrections checked. I just learned about making checksums for files doing research for this and installed the file integrity plugin. Is there anything else I can do from here?
  13. A little over 24h of memtest came back with zero errors. I re-ran the parity check and came back with the same results. Aside from the sync errors everything looks and functions normally.