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  1. In the settings of the docker there's a field called "License key". Put your key there, (or BETA for beta). There always seems to be a lag at the first of the month, though, in getting the app to recognize the beta key or get the new version.
  2. I thought I was a little blind, couldn't find this changelog. But there it was: Perfectly recreated with the new entries - and nicely commented too!
  3. I'm trying to set up assettocorsa but I can't get into the admin page of Assetto Corsa Server - I tried Docker/adminDocker and may other combos, but nothing works, and there's no field to set the password or login name. I also can't find any logs anywhere to know what's happening. Any hints? Thanks in advance Edit: found it in config.yml... admin/servermanager
  4. A single time, with each disc. After that, it shows all of the DRV records, then stuff like this: PRGV:0,65536,65536 PRGV:0,0,65536 PRGT:3100,0,"Opening DVD disc" MSG:3007,0,0,"Using direct disc access mode","Using direct disc access mode" PRGC:3102,0,"Processing title sets" PRGV:0,0,65536 PRGV:0,0,65536 PRGV:6553,0,65536 PRGV:6553,2184,65536 PRGV:13107,2184,65536 PRGV:13107,4369,65536 PRGV:19660,4369,65536 PRGV:19660,6553,65536 PRGV:26214,6553,65536 PRGV:26214,8738,65536 PRGV:32768,8738,65536 PRGV:32768,10922,65536 PRGV:39321,10922,65536 PRGV:39321,13107,65536 PRGV:45875,13107,65536 PRGV:45875,15291,65536 PRGV:52428,15291,65536 PRGV:52428,17476,65536 PRGV:58982,17476,65536 PRGV:58982,19660,65536 PRGC:3103,0,"Processing titles" PRGV:0,19660,65536 More PRGV and MSG records (either "too short" or "added" messages). Then "Decrypting data", and proceeds to "Saving all titles". Normal stuff.
  5. Yup sadly the manual rip works as well. I mean it does complain, but it doesn't immediately eject the disk and give up. The start of the log messages are... MSG:1005,0,1,"MakeMKV v1.15.4 linux(x64-release) started","%1 started","MakeMKV v1.15.4 linux(x64-release)" PRGT:5018,0,"Scanning CD-ROM devices" PRGC:5018,0,"Scanning CD-ROM devices" PRGV:0,0,65536 PRGV:0,0,65536 PRGV:65536,0,65536 PRGV:65536,65536,65536 MSG:2003,0,3,"Error 'Scsi error - ILLEGAL REQUEST:READ OF SCRAMBLED SECTOR WITHOUT AUTHENTICATION' occurred while reading 'DVD+R-DL ATAPI DVD A DH16AASH SA15' at offset '1048576'","Error '%1' occurred while reading '%2' at offset '%3'","Scsi error - ILLEGAL REQUEST:READ OF SCRAMBLED SECTOR WITHOUT AUTHENTICATION","DVD+R-DL ATAPI DVD A DH16AASH SA15","1048576" DRV:0,2,999,1,"DVD+R-DL ATAPI DVD A DH16AASH SA15","ROBIN_HOOD_S1_D1","/dev/sr1" There's a lot more, but I don't think it's very useful?
  6. If it's a brand new drive, the region might not be set at all. You need to run the regionset command but it's not super easy on unRAID. You can either set up a VM and pass through the device so you can do it with another OS, or plug it in another machine and set the device there. Passing through the device is explained here: The easiest would be to set it on another machine, if you have one available... it only ever needs to be done once.
  7. That would probably be it. `docker ps` will show you what’s running and `docker kill <id>` will take it down. You should be able to use the name (label) or the hex id, I think.
  8. Did you try `docker kill <containerid>`?
  9. I've been using this container for quite a while now, successfully, but now it's coming up with the SCSI error 'ILLEGAL REQUEST:READ OF SCRAMBLED SECTOR WITHOUT AUTHENTICATION'. The devices are mapped fine, and it's running in privileged mode. The problem seems to be with the autoripper only... when I turn that off, and go in through the GUI, it logs that error but then rips perfectly fine. Is there a way to have the autoripper not give up so easily?
  10. I agree, and have had the same experience. I think the intention of PlexPass releases is that they are stable, just released early to subscribers.
  11. Go to the settings of the image and change the VERSION to "latest".
  12. Doh. Is there a reason it's on 1.19.x instead of 1.20.x? Is it because of Plex Pass?
  13. Has something changed in the Plex container? It seems to be stuck on, and always gives me an "Update available" message. I have been auto-updating the container regularly but it doesn't update the container. I tried "force update" and no difference. I am using the :latest tag.
  14. It‘s supposed to delete them once it imports.
  15. Yup - go to Preferences - Adding Books - Automatic adding. I created a second mapped path called /import. I just plunk books in there and they get imported and converted as necessary.