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  1. It‘s supposed to delete them once it imports.
  2. Yup - go to Preferences - Adding Books - Automatic adding. I created a second mapped path called /import. I just plunk books in there and they get imported and converted as necessary.
  3. Tried to upgrade, but I get a blank dialog, and nothing displays. Rebooting but nothing is coming up. Edit: I did a hard powerdown and it came up at 6.8.2 again, and the update worked as it should. Pretty sure I have an array to repair now though.
  4. For IPV6 you want an IPV6 address, not an IPV4 address, though, right? That's why you need a second line. Try it.
  5. Just put 19132 in both port fields. 19133 is only for IPV6, if you want that you should probably have another line anyway.
  6. You're gonna need to post a picture of your port forwarding setup, probably.
  7. If it runs correctly internally, then it's probably not the Docker... Do you have UDP forwarded or just TCP?
  8. Yeah that crashes the server task. If you turn off the mapping it runs - but who wants that! I think the solution for me was to change /mnt/user to /mnt/cache. If that share is not in your cache drive then you *might* have to use a named volume instead of a mapped volume. Those sit in your docker image file though, unfortunately.
  9. Do you have volumes mapped? If so, what are the paths?
  10. It's an extremely active project, there are a lot of updates. You can pick a more stable tag if you prefer... there's a list here: https://hub.docker.com/_/microsoft-mssql-server
  11. Fantastic plugin! I was already sold on the script, this makes everything about that, better. Thank you!
  12. Just my first name. It works though. the trick was echo -n password And not echo ‘password’
  13. I wa about to say “no that’s not it” but I went and looked at my config and yup, that’s exactly it. Since I copied and pasted, the /mnt/cache path was entered when I was typically using the /mnt/user/appdata path in all of my previous tests. Interesting, and fantastic detective work!
  14. Yes, I'm on rc7. I built mine using "Add Container" and plugging in the values as recommended above.
  15. I actually forget exactly how I found it - I know I tried to get the most current one from Microsoft's repo. I think I may have started with the Dockerhub template and changed the repository source.