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  1. I have the same issue since update to 6.8 stable. I discovered 100% usage on 1 core of "wsdd" process after synching a Nextcloud Client to DockerNextcloudServer.
  2. no no no - it's not nested, have a look at my screenshot in my first posting.. I use the Bridge of unRAID as it is suggested in GUI for creating a VM.
  3. @GHunter I'm also using INTEL NICs on my bare metal unRAID, but the NICs aren't passed through to the VM, they are emulated. So it should not matter if oder if not FreeBSD supports my INTEL adapters ?? @saarg Where can I set the type of card? I can't find a option in the GUI. Note: using the older Version of FreeBSD/OPNsense I don't have to set a type.
  4. I am running my Firewall (OPNsense, based on FreeBSD) in a VM on UNRAID using Network Bridges as virtual NICs. Using previous versions of OPNsense (versions <= 19.1.10_1), NICs were recognized correctly, if and only if I set machine to Q35-2.6. Problem: Using latest Version of OPNsense (Version 19.7), NICs aren't recognized any more, so I had to set my Firewall back to older Version to run (using a Backup of vdisk1.img). some testing I did: Creating a new VM using OPNsense-19.7-OpenSSL-dvd-amd64.iso, two existing Bridges as virtual NICs results in same behavior: NICs aren't recognized in VM. Testing different types of machine (Q35-2.6, Q35-2.11, Q35-3.1) always results in having no NICs in VM. Atteched there are Screeshots of my Testing-VM and the diagnostics.zip. tower-diagnostics-20190728-2149.zip
  5. hi all, I have same problem: created new VM in Unraid, moved Proxmox-VM (image: win10.vma) to Unraid. rename to vdisk1.img. Error: when starting VM in Unraid: "Booting from Hard Disk... Boot failed: not a bootable disk" I tryed renaming to vdisk1.raw, vidisk1.vma I also tryed "qemu-img convert -O raw win10.vma vdisk1.img" I also tryed chaning "Q35-3" to "Q35-2.6". Does anyone know how to move Proxmox-VM to Unraid Please help me 🙂 thanx!!