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  1. hello, I'm having this issue now on Unraid 6.10.0-rc2 and UD 2022.01.02a. After 5 Minutes WebUI is accessible.
  2. Bug Report: on Unraid 6.9.2 the Array doesn't start after replacing a (pre-attached) disk while preclear is running on another disk (I was waiting about 3 minutes). Server was not shut down, only Array was stopped while preclear was running on a non-array-disk. After stopping preclear (killing process via CLI) the array startet correctly and data-rebuild started correctly. A manual restart of preclear also was successfull. Solution suggestion: Unraid: Unraid should start the array even when a non-array disk is preclearing AND/OR Preclear Plugin: should stop work, when array is stopped (or started)
  3. For me it's workin now - all Dockers are listed. Thank you for fixing!
  4. no - this file doesn't exist, not on my running Server and not in older Backups.. 🙂
  5. I'm having an issue where some Docker Containers are not listed in "Docker Auto Update Settings" - looking at "nextcloud_mariadb" which I had to update manually: => Why is "nextcloud_mariadb" not available in the list of "Docker Auto Update Settings" in the Plugin ?? => For me it seems to be a bug
  6. I looks like I'm having the same bug - can't delete the "ugly" entrys:
  7. okay thats true for 6.10.0-rc1, but in 6.9.2 I had user shares enabled - and they where disabled in 6.10.0-rc1: I could fix the problem - but less experienced users could have the same issue - and they get DOCKER and LIBVIRT (and maybe other) problems without a warning, and without a hint how to fix it.
  8. I'm having an issue with non existing File paths in VM and DOCKER after upgrading to 6.10.0-rc1: after upgrade was done and reboot was finished, LIBVIRT and DOCKER didn't start because the paths /mnt/user/...... don't exist any more. I changed the paths in Settings of VM and DOCKER to /mnt/disk1/.... and now LIBVIRT and DOCKER starts and runs again. Hint: I'm running a array that contains only one disk - maybe this "special" case is not recognized in 6.10.0 ?
  9. hello JTok, I'm wondering if it would be possible to add a function to split the resulting *.img.zst file into parts of lets say 4GB. In my case I run an automated backup-job wih rsnapshot to a remote server build with multiple harddrives using mergerfs - and smaller *.img.zst files would help me fill up those harddrives. (now I have to set a minfreespace=520G to handle those big *.img.zst files). thanks a lot for your answer, peter76
  10. I'm running a Windows VM with GPU passthrough without monitor connected. RDP runs fine for most purposes. But there are situations where RDP does not work - i.e. some bigger Windows Updates require multiple reboots, the only way I got them runnig was using VNC. Now I have following problem: Activting VNC and GPU passthrough results in an Error in Windows Hardware-Manager (Code 12 - not enough resources...). So my passthrough-GPU does not run, when VNC is activated. How can I run both??
  11. thanks a lot to dlandon, you brought me on the right path to search. A few days ago, I did some changes on my firewall, and now pinging the gateway was not possible any more. I solved the problem by allowing pinging the gateway. Just one thing to think about: Unraid GUI (without UD Plugin) starts without beeing able to ping the Gateway. When installing UD Plugin AND pinging the Gateway is not possible, user gets problems (as I got..). In my "dummy user"-opinion pinging the Gateway is maybe not the best solution for checking the network.
  12. I have a problem since last Plugin Update to 2021.04.03 on Unraid 6.9.1: Unassigned devices gets a timeout when starting the Unraid-Server, Server LOG: Apr 5 17:35:40 Ryzen7-5800X unassigned.devices: Mounting 'Auto Mount' Remote Shares... Apr 5 17:41:10 Ryzen7-5800X unassigned.devices: Cannot 'Auto Mount' Remote Shares. Network not available! Pinging the Server is possible the whole time, and Unraid GUI is not reachable. After this 5min 30sec the Unraid GUI is reachable, and I can manually (by hitting MOUNT-Button) mount my SMB Shares. For testing I deleted my all my SMB Shares: Same Timeout-Behaviour when rebooting Server.
  13. now with VM BACKUP 2021.03.11 the installation runs smooth 🙂 THANK YOU
  14. THANX JTOK - now I can run ... */3 ... PS: it's only "Disable custom cron validation?" which has to be set to YES
  15. Bug report: in "settings" => "custom cron" it's not possible to enter "/" symbol. => possible to enter i.e.: "0 3 1 3,9 *" (run at 3:00h 1.3. and 1.9.) => not possible to enter i.e.: "0 3 1 */2 *" (run at 3:00h every second month)
  16. A Button to start mover - independent of Mover Tuning restrictions - would be a very nice feature. great work hugenbdd, thanx for it 🙂
  17. Tested and works fine for me. Thanx a lot! Different behavior to older versions: Now it's not possible to start mover via button, if percentage not reached.
  18. my Permissions look the same, and .cfg file looks okay for me: root@Tower:~# ls /boot/config/plugins/ca.mover.tuning/ca.mover.tuning.cfg -lisah 5360 4.0K -rw------- 1 root root 281 Mar 7 21:30 /boot/config/plugins/ca.mover.tuning/ca.mover.tuning.cfg root@Tower:~# cat /boot/config/plugins/ca.mover.tuning/ca.mover.tuning.cfg moverDisabled="no" moverNice="0" moverIO="-c 2 -n 0" threshold="75" age="no" daysold="1" sizef="no" sizeinM="1" sparsnessf="no" sparsnessv="1" filelistf="no" filelistv="" filetypesf="no" filetypesv="" parity="no" enableTurbo="yes" logging="no" force="no" cron="" forceParity="yes" Tried to change some settings and pressed APPLY ==> Mover still runs without recognizing percentage-threshold. Your IF-Statement seems to be the reason for this Issue. I will wait for your update. The one open question for me is: why do I have this issue since update to Unraid 6.9 ...
  19. these are my settings and full diagnostic-file
  20. I get the same error when installing VM BACKUP - on Unraid 6.9 and now on 6.9.1
  21. I'm having the same issue since update to 6.9 (and now on 6.9.1). On Unraid Version 6.8 the Mover Tuning was working well (with threshold set to 75% ), now Mover starts every hour independent of threshold reached or not.
  22. thanx a lot - update button appears when I set "plugin update notification" to "Never check".