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  1. UNRAID must be the first partition on the usb drive. Kevin.
  2. @binhex Is there any fix for this as I'm getting the same error. Kevin.
  3. I've had this issue since 6.5.0 and making the exception fixed it for me. Thanks Hoopster.
  4. I'm marking this as closed because it seems to be a problem with browsers and my Macbook Pro. Kevin.
  5. Chrome and Safari on iPad work ok. Right-click on Avg. CPU load gave the following warnings. Kevin. firefox warnings.txt
  6. Only have ad blocker in Chrome and unRAID is whitelisted. I had no problems with 6.4.1 Kevin
  7. Booted in safe mode. No change. Kevin.
  8. I had this problem on the 6.5 rc releases, on 6.5.0 stable and it is still there on 6.5.1-rc1. Avg cpu load and per cpu load are blank. This happens in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. [Edit] Just tried it with the newest releases of Opera and Vivaldi and the results are the same. Kevin
  9. @bonienl This comment posted right after 6.5.0 install. Includes Diagnostics. Kevin.
  10. I had the same problem on 6.5 rc series and 6.5.0 stable. Tried with Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Same result every time. Rolled back to 6.4.1 and display is ok again. Kevin
  11. I'm still having the problem I had on the rc series where the avg cpu load and per cpu load are not displayed. Kevin There is obviously a display problem between 6.4.1 and 6.5.0 which is causing this. Rolled back to 6.4.1 and the display is okay.
  12. You would have to make the directories shares then under share settings for any particular share just set Included disc(s) to the disk numbers you want to use. i.e. movies/other include disc 4. Kevin.
  13. Reboot did not fix the no bar problem or the nerd pack display. Rolled back to 6.4.1 and all is ok again Kevin.
  14. I've tried Safari & Firefox and they show empty cpu usage as well. I have a feeling it's down to css problems as Nerd Pack display was completely broken as well. I'm leaving it for tonight as folk are streaming and I'll do a fresh reboot in the morning. Kevin.
  15. Updated OK. Only problem I've found so far is that cpu load display is blank. Kevin
  16. Thanks to all who replied. Getting started now. Kevin.
  17. Just one question before I start this. Will the content of the disk I'm replacing still be available for reading only via emulation during the rebuild of the new drive. Kevin.
  18. So if I've got this right, I stop the array, Unassign the drive I want to remove, Power down and replace the old drive with a new drive (straight out of the box.) Power up and assign the new drive in place of the old, Start the array and let it rebuild the new drive. And the server is still useable while this is being done. Kevin
  19. Is it my imagination or can I now just replace a drive without preclearing first. No spare ports or space. I've read through various release notes but not found the answer. Kevin.
  20. Even simpler would be that all new members posts are moderated for the first few messages. That way the spam message would not be seen by the majority of members and a moderator or owner could just mass delete the offenders.
  21. The odd time this has happened to me I find there is a log file listing the damaged files. Under Tools/File Integrity click on the folder next to log files. Kevin.
  22. My Windows 7 Pro vm just hung on a restart. Force stop returns with Execution error. Failed to terminate process 32574 with SIGKILL: Device or resource busy. Previously the same had happened to my Windows 10 vm as well but I put that down to just being Windows. Shutting down via the GUI that time resulted in unRaid seeing an unclean shutdown with the expected parity check on reboot. No manual edits to either xml file. Latest bios is installed. ps ax give this for the process. 32574 ? Zl 13:11 [qemu-system-x86] <defunct>
  23. I think this is just cosmetic bug but in MKVToolnix header editor the left hand pane is squished to the left and can't be dragged wider. Kevin