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  1. These should be removed from Community Applications so others aren't misled into installing non-working plugins where support for them has been abandoned
  2. After becoming disabled again very shortly this time after getting it restarted I gave up on the Dynamix plugin for now and returned to using unraid-fan-speed.sh with the user scripts plugin to start at boot. I forgot the 'cron' part was built into the script. I disabled the Dynamix fan auto control plugin but the speed of the fans shows up on the dashboard 'Airflow' section which is good.
  3. Same thing again, guess I'm an idiot to keep trying this vs returning to good old fanspeed.sh and cron....... raid-01-diagnostics-20190724-2155.zip
  4. Since the above post from 6/26/2019 and re-enabling per above the plugin maintained a Status of 'Running' for 12 days then stopped again for whatever reason. Re-enabling this time per above took many attempts to get a Status of 'Running'. Hopefully the attached diagnostics will be of some use. raid-01-diagnostics-20190709-1749.zip
  5. Another user after updating to Unraid 6.7.0 seeing the Dynamix Auto Fan Control plugin behavior broken but in my case not all the way. From a Status: Stopped state I can reset using the Default button and enable, detect and apply and it will run for some period of time, still not sure what length of time that is exactly but it seems to be longer than 12 hrs but shorter than 24 hrs. Diagnostics attached. raid-01-diagnostics-20190626-1220.zip
  6. Here's the original request at the top of the page with a link to the details.
  7. Yep, I too am still very interested in DSD support
  8. I read (and thought) the same. I had been targeting the Linuxserver.io headless Kodi docker but since some there seemed to now favor this one I came here. Unless I'm missing something, it seems using the Emby docker strictly as a back end for Kodi clients doesn't cover the same use cases though. I need Blu-Ray .iso support on Nvidia Shield TV Android clients which works well with a traditional Kodi standalone back end and (presumably) a Kodi MySQL shared back end. The Emby server doesn't seem to currently support .iso for Android clients and .iso support in general with an Emby server seems very limited. Further, movie folder support in Emby in general seems to be limited and many if not all recent replies from Emby support for .iso or movie folder playback issues suggest converting to .mkv I'm becoming convinced converting everything to mkv will make life easier in the long run but for me that's a lot of converting to do. I don't mean to belabor this in a docker thread but just trying to learn and perhaps alert anyone else coming here running Kodi on Android thinking swapping to an Emby server as a back end is some kind of simple no brainer replacement for a traditional Kodi standalone or Kodi MySQL solution.
  9. All my movies are in separate folders.
  10. Huh. So the Emby devs acknowledge a major bug present in and earlier causing multiple people to lose data, issue a 'hot fix' then don't update the docker until they feel like it? Obviously I meanwhile turned off delete for all Emby users in my docker but..... I have yet to post my story over there. I have all the logs etc. I deleted a single .mkv using the Emby 'Delete Media' function using a freshly installed Emby docker and lost 100 movies in seconds. Most of the stories/replies in the Emby forums about the issue seem to imply that the problem is limited only to DVD images and/or previous installs upgraded to later versions. Not so at least in my limited experience.
  11. So speaking of updating, I started reading from the first post for a few pages and know there has been some if not much previous discussion on this. I see 'Version is now available' on the dashboard but when I use the Unraid Docker Containers page 'Check for Updates' I don't see an update available. When I run 'force update' it runs (emby/embyserver:latest) and finishes successfully but the Emby dashboard still tells me I'm running and that is available. What am I missing?
  12. I'm a new Emby user but an experienced Unraid user. I had a similar 'delete' incident as described but was far more lucky than David Bott. I only lost 100 movies before realizing what was happening and (as calmly as I could) stopped the docker before more damage could be done. It all happened in about 10 seconds I'd say. I stupidly used the 'Delete Media' option in the Emby docker on a single movie. I just happened to have a Windows Explorer open and watched a bunch of movie folders start disappearing. Evidently there is/was a bug there too and/or it's the same one (hopefully fixed). This happened to me a couple of days ago. I know I'll never use that particular mechanism ever again to delete a movie either way So this is all very timely discussion for me as well.
  13. Amen. Gotta say, not great the plugin author pushed an update with no release notes, no notice in the thread, and isn't around to weigh in on issues afterward. But this has happened before. Another reason to have/use the good old command line script with screen etc.