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  1. I been reading on this topic for months and I have tested my 1950x 3.8ghz OC with core assignments. The Channel and Auto really affects the FPS. I'm playing MHW Iceborne and when I use Channel mode it reduces 20-40 fps on games. My Normal max FPS on the Iceborne in Seliana is 100 FPS using Auto and using Chanel reduces it to 60-80 FPS. Problem using Auto it causes all core on 1 node. I just use the Channel to see what node is on numactl --hardware command and it's different on mine unlike on example here on Node 0. I also see changes on SFIV Benchmarks for fast comparison and I reached it max fps about 350 FPS unlike when using wrong core numbering which causes reduction on FPS (234 FPS). The AMD Epyc Processor Tweak also helps. Thanks for that.
  2. Things that I liked: So easy to setup (thanks to spaceinvaderone videos too) and it maximize the potential of my system (1950x and 1080ti). The forum is so helpful, the updates are worth it for new hardwares. Others: *The dockers *The Virtual Machines *The GUI Like to see added to the OS in 2020: Hope there's a duplicate button in VM for XML Changes
  3. This was solved in Unraid Version 6.8. Click detect to get the CPU temp and sensors-detect in the terminal to get the motherboard and fan sensors then reboot the server Other info: No sensors detected on 6.7 version of Unraid. Glad this was fixed on this version. Thank you
  4. Been searching for this and I haven't found a solution. I found that the repo doesn't work anymore and a modprobe it87 force_id=0x8620 from this thread . Is the modprobe working for threadripper and how do I apply it on unraid? Hope someone help here. Thank you