[SOLVED]Yet ANOTHER...'Replacing Drives' Question

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Sorry. Sooo many of these...and they usually have this twist, or that variance. Just want to make sure, I get the proper advice for my (seemingly simple) situation (never can be too careful, when it comes to your precious data after all, right?).


8 x 3T array...with an 8T Parity. I want to replace (2) of the 3Ts, with a new 8.


FTR...I'm not worried about down time, or being able to use the array while I'm doing the switcharoo. Simple and safe, take precedence.



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I think I'm in the home-s t r e t c h. 2 things:


1) This is a great community. I'm not a "power-user", and admittedly...only come here, when I often have what others might consider, a simple question. I do Google...and try to search the Forum the best I can...before posting. But as I said earlier...sooo much info; and a lot of it changes with time, and updates. Can't be too careful, lest you make a dumb mistake and lose precious files. For the most part...advice and procedures, are offered up without ridicule. Thank you!


2) That unBALANCE thing is awesome!! 25s, to transfer 2.45T of data!? Well done.


I'll [SOLVE] as soon as I've finished.

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4 minutes ago, CDLehner said:

25s, to transfer 2.45T of data!?

The only way that could happen is if the data was moved (re-pathed) to the same disk.


I thought you were intending to move data from one disk to other disks so you could remove it. Not sure what you did, but it must have resulted in something else.


Don't remove any disk until you are sure all your data is where you intend.


You can see how much of each disk is used by each user share by clicking Compute... for the share on the User Shares page, or the Compute All button.


Post new diagnostics if you need us to take a look.

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Yikes! I felt like I did it correctly.


Picked my from and to disks (have to be a real idiot, to not understand that). Did a dry run, which came back "successful".


Now...I did do a COPY, not MOVE; if that makes a difference.


So, that disk is still intact. Here's what I did...so we can see, if I need to re-trace my steps; how to do so...


- Ran "fresh" parity check

- Stopped array

- Unassigned fullest 3T disk

- Started array

- Stopped array

- Assigned new 8T, into fullest 3T slot

- Start array (re-build, another parity check)


- Stopped array

- Then "copied" from another 3T, to the new 8T

- And I think it's another parity check (that'll be done, by the time I get home from work this evening EST)

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I know; and I was super surprised.


I thought about asking; but I thought...well, data just "within the array" or something. I didn't want to seem stupid...and honestly; it seemed pretty straight-forward.


What's done is done. So...even though the data from the "copied" 3T disk, is still intact; I have since, written new data to the array.


Nothing I would miss, or couldn't re-write; but at this point...have I likely screwed things up so bad, it's unrecoverable??

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6 minutes ago, trurl said:

Are you referring to the missing/emulated disk8? If you put that drive back in it will try to rebuild it.


I will wait on a reply, there are several possible ways to proceed from here.


45HCW (8T), replaced 430RX (3T). 55926 (3T) is the drive, I wanted to copy to 45HCW...after it replaced 430RX (with the procedure, documented above).


I will sit tight and wait. TY

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Yes; and let me elaborate...


430RX was removed from the array, and replaced with 45HCW (and I still have 430RX, untouched since it was pulled).


I also have 55926...which I thought I had copied to 45HCW; but which obviously didn't take (and I too, have that...and did not do a move data from it; but a copy. Point being, even though it didn't work; as opposed to a failed move...it was failed copy. Therefore...55926, should be exactly as I pulled it.



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4 minutes ago, trurl said:

Do you have enough ports to attach all the new and old disks? I'd like to see diagnostics with all of the disks involved.


I don't think so trurl. I was doing all this, before moving to a new case...because it appears the bottom (4) hot-swap bays...of my (12)...aren't working.


So...I'm trying to get (9) drives, down to (8) for a new case.


I have (8) in hot-swap bays...with break-out cables; and that 9th, for now, running on SATA from the board and power.


If there's no other way, I'll check if I could run a 10th...all at once.

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