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I got the impression that what was looked for was the ability to disable plugins selectively, not the all or nothing approach.  In other words something that might rename the ,plg file for any specific plugin to something else with an option to layer rename it back.   I know this can be done manually but I thought the request was looking for something GUI based.

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8 minutes ago, Squid said:

Nice.  But, doesn't stop any running scripts a plugin might install.  And doesn't handle if anything is installed outside of $docroot/plugins....


True, that’s why I say “mimics” safe mode, because for complete disabling you would need to uninstall the plugin.

The idea here is when the GUI has “issues” you can quickly disable the plugins to see if that resolves it without rebooting your system in safe mode.


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4 minutes ago, Kilrah said:

Yup seen that, it would indeed be nice to have e.g. an "enable" checkbox for each plugin on the plugins page


A true enable / disable of a plugin is not possible. Plugins may install and activate all kind of things.

The purpose of Dynamix Safe Mode is to quickly validate GUI operation without the need to reboot the system.


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