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Syncronize servers using rsync over SSH next door or across the world

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7 minutes ago, xman111 said:

guys, finally got this working


Congrats!  It's a great feeling when it all works.  Now that you are an SSH expert, perhaps @ken-ji will allow you to guest author a chapter in his book and let you in on the royalties. 😀

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haha, i think i need a vacation :)  and yes it is a great feeling.  my wife thinks i am an idiot for spending all this time on something like this when i can just drive a hard drive over to my parents house..  i told her that isn't the point :)


funny thing is i am watching these youtube videos doing it and they are only like 3 minutes long, i got about 25 hours into it!


about all i could add to the book is some coloring :)   i just hope neither system goes down because i would hate to have to do it again.



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reinstalled Freenas because i was swapping around hard drives.  Decided to delete all files and redo this from scratch.  Had it up and running in 5 minutes.  Took good notes last time in case this would happen.  :)

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