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On 8/5/2021 at 1:54 PM, Squid said:

If you access your server via HTTPS you also have to be able to access Sab via HTTPS.  Accessing it via HTTP is a browser enforced security risk that the plugin can do nothing about.

Yeah - that's what you'd mentioned previously, however, I'm not accessing my server via HTTPS.


As such, I was surprised when someone mentioned being able to get it to work and why I had to ask how they did it:



...doesn't work. (ip is internal ip of my server, the port is the port for the app/docker for the webui



going to it when clicking the docker webui menu entry works fine.


Ah well - was hoping :)



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custom tab    for Recycle Bin does not work


the webpage is   RecycleBin


for the built in Page   its   Recycle Bin   (recycle.bin/RecycleBin.page)

  it also adds a _  on back of bin in the address bar


also be able to Add Spaces  for Custom Tab words..    i cant type   "User Scripts"  as it comes out "UserScripts"  so i gotta do "User_Scripts"    but Plex Streams offers a space..  not 100% big deal but worth noting


also is there a way to make  on the custom Tab.  a Docker App load.. 

so i could have Krusder..  Click it and Krusader opens a window  instead of Docker..  but it be a tab

just like windows Task bar offers

and any way to add Icons  instead of a word  so you can mouse over an Icon  just like windows task bar


i see there is option for Icon  but i dont see how it works  it does nothing  least i dont see anything in IE/Edge



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1 hour ago, comet424 said:

custom tab    for Recycle Bin does not work

It's because of how the page files for the plugin are programmed.  Nothing I can do about it without actually having this plugin actually start modifying the .page files for certain pages.  Bear in mind that Custom Tabs could almost be considered a hack on the system

1 hour ago, comet424 said:

also be able to Add Spaces  for Custom Tab words..    i cant type   "User Scripts"  as it comes out "UserScripts"  so i gotta do "User_Scripts"    but Plex Streams offers a space..  not 100% big deal but worth noting

The name cannot be a duplicate of an already existing page, so it adds in the underscore to make them unique.


1 hour ago, comet424 said:

so i could have Krusder..  Click it and Krusader opens a window  instead of Docker..  but it be a tab

just like windows Task bar offers

URL (open new tab)

1 hour ago, comet424 said:

for Icon  but i dont see how it works

The Icon setting is for when you're using the Grey / Azure themes

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ah ok ... be nice to be able to change the words to Icons  on any theme but ill look into it.. even like how Home Assistant works for icos  a MDI: icon name and changes words etc

i tried the URL (open new tab)   

tower keeps telling me i need to enable popups..  but why does it work when you click Docker...  click Krusader  click Webgui  and it doesnt ask your for pop up.. anyway    URl(open new tab)  = webgui icon ..  or is that also more re writes of coding


does the webgui  icon for each docker .. is that Pop up enabled.. or is that something different.. i have to find out in my broswers  my popups i guess


so i tried the url option   you have in the page.  http://tower/Settings/RecycleBin    and that lets me open the Recycle bin..

so that works that way.. 


ya nothings perfect.. but like the app 🙂 



now gotta find the pop up thing in my browsers 



Update:.  found the pop up security option in least Internet Explorer.. and Krusader now works  

thanks  great app to help  it make it bit easier 🙂


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Hello, thanks for the work on this. Tried to add IPMI using ipmi.page, in the URL after clicking it on the tabs portion, it has a '_' at the end. Removing this allowed me to view the IPMI page.


IPMI_ doesn't work. IPMI does. Thank you!


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added screenshot
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21 minutes ago, Squid said:

If it's set up as a custom tab, I don't see why not.  If it's set up to open a new window then no.

I am not quite sure what is going on then.  I cannot get my Home Assistant page to show nor my router admin page.  I am accessing UnRaid externally which forces SSL so I have my custom tab urls set to SSL as well.  HA and router internal pages are SSL as well.

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i have request ...  i notice  if you have several custom tabs..  unraid gui page wont resize  so you can scroll the window left to right

but what be nice is 


since the Tab  bar is only 1 Line  if you have multiple tabs  and your screen is smaller.. make the Tab Bar 2 Lines

so like a Notepad  Word Wrap..  


so cant fit in the screen not a problem word wrap it.. for me  i loose several custom tabs  unless i use a big monitor etc  and not resize font sizes


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i use  65"

at 3840x 2160  resolution with a 200% increase

in the windows settings


and i use the majority of the green tab bar   i can add one more word and then was hoping to increase the font size of the Tab  itself  and then reload it...  


ill check out the unlimited width plugin in too..  i appreciate it..  for now  i maxed out  and wanted to add more custom tab ones for ease  but i wanted a 2nd line would would help....


even if i could add background color  and change the regular color.. of the text for each tab...


but ill check that plugin to see if it helps


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The issue with tabs causing the right-hand buttons to disappear appears to simply be the web gui dropping the search box and buttons down to make room for the tabs. Since it isn't either extending the banner or inverting the colors of the buttons, they end up the same color as the background. They're still there, still usable, just invisible.


Is there a way to either edit the header or banner to be larger or set the colors of the wrapped buttons? I tried changing the text color, but the tabs are tied to the header custom background color, not the header text colors. Changing header background color so the tabs aren't inverting to be the same color as the main window's background color makes them visible, but it looks terrible. Maybe there's a way to tweak the OS' wrapping behavior? 

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Custom tab for builtin “Docker Containers” page not working on any browser , I’ve tried everything I can.   I look at the page source and see 2 lines in the <script> tag at the top between ‘<‘ and ‘script>’ which would certainly cause such a failure.  


All other builtin pages work fine, just Containers, fails, shows page source , not gui. 


See images, Custom Tab Settings #1, other image is broken page, notice broken <script> tag.  


Should be easy to replicate. 


Tested using current versions of Unraid 6.12.4 , FF, Safari, Chrome, and Brave browsers. 



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Not all .page files (built in pages) are compatible with being able to be displayed as a tab due to their design.


But, in this particular case, why would you want Docker Containers to be shown as a tab when they're already shown in the existing Docker tab???

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