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On 8/2/2019 at 11:10 AM, Mex said:


Now that it is possible to add your own images as case icons, I thought I'd start taking requests to make icons that match the style of the other icons.


To make a request, please consider the following:


1. I do this on my own spare time, so I will probably not give an ETA

2. I will need the case manufacturer and model name.

3. I will need a picture (preferably straight from the front)

4. If you have something custom I'll give it a shot but I can't make any promises.


For reference, these are the icons I've currently made. (some of them will appear in a later update).



Update: It may be getting a bit cumbersome to find all the icons I've added so here is an updated overview:






Hi, could you post the full resolution pic for the Define R5? 

I could crop it out of the overview image but it has some pixilation.



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On 2/20/2021 at 11:53 PM, Justin808 said:

Hi, could you post the full resolution pic for the Define R5? 

I could crop it out of the overview image but it has some pixilation.




The Define R5 is already available in the GUI, so no need to upload a PNG for it

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I started a little something loosely based on an old 1U Cisco server I had (it's been powered off for a long time now).


It's not supposed to match either, more like a add-your-own-brand thing and I was careful not to flatten any curve that would prevent others to make it their own. :)


The little logo plaque is a symbol, edit any of them by copying its style, pasting a 2D logo of your own in its place and pasting the style on it and that's it, all of them get updated. :D Well.. the upper artboards; since unRAID is not a clustered system I didn't put much effort on the second unit.


And, I'm aware that there's no rackmount ears, I have versions with them but they don't look that good. It's the best drawing I've ever made, I promise, and I still didn't like it. I looked up some servers from big names and I noticed some of them weren't in the actual pictures either, pictures where they are supposed to be, not in servers with stealth ears--that's my excuse. Either way, it's easy to get the illusion of them by slimming/narrowing down just a little the back part without actually adding them. OCPD didn't allow me to.


If anyone cares to convert this to the more popular Adobe Illustrator format, please! The one I have is too old before the move to the rental one and I sucked at it anyway. :P

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I made one for the C2100 its not as "artistic" as the ones posted here but whatev's.


I took the above image from the manual and then removed all the arrows and stuff. Here is a "Front" view of the server if someone wants to make a proper icon.


Well.... So I decided to just make one. I am not good at this but here it is.




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6 hours ago, graviz_nl said:

So, no more requested cases are made? I thought this was a great initiative, Thanks!

It has been a long time hasn't it...

I do plan to continue and have been working on some of the oldest requests! But the truth of the matter is that working from home for over a year now has put a bit of a damper on me. Sitting alone in front of the computer all day and then continue in the evening has been a bit of a tough sell for me. 


The cases are coming, just not very fast

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