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You *can* also have a cache pool composed of 24 drives in addition to the 30 drives in the array.

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30 minutes ago, Squid said:

You *can* also have a cache pool composed of 24 drives in addition to the 30 drives in the array.

Nicely pointed, this is the workaround available at this time.

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What size are those 30 drives? 


If some of the drive sizes are smaller it might be worth consideration on selling off some of the smaller ones and getting one or two larger ones.

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So the fans should have no problem with the cooling at a less noisy 2500 rpm. But if anyone can point me in the direction of a script to help with fan control... I'd appreciate it.

What JBOD enclosure?


For my CSE846 JBODs I've left out the two back fans and did replace the three Front fans by more silent drop-in replacements (the green ones).


But you mention drives on the back of your enclosure, so I think you do have a bigger One ...


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I am using a CSE-847E26-RJBOD1. I too was using a modified 846TQ-R900B for many years until the mobo crapped out. 


When I was using the JBOD with FlexRAID... Because only one drive in the enclosure was being used at a single time... The fans did not need spin at max rpm. I'm sure this will be the case once the array is complete... But for now... The fans sound like a small jet. And the complaints from my wife are getting louder as well. Lol


I did find a tutorial in how to control the fans... http://kmwoley.com/blog/controlling-case-fans-based-on-hard-drive-temperature/ but first I must get through the preclear process.

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Good morning...


The preclear of my first 20 drives have passed without a single error... So far so good.


My FlexRAID setup had a single share comprised of multiple directories. The main share was titled Media with individual directories for Blu-ray, 3D, UHD, TV Shows, DVD, Music etc. I'm looking for some advice on the best way to allocate files to drives... while making sure that all the file structure of each Blu-ray only gets written to a single hard drive.


Since my files are typically added daily and 25 gigs or larger... It's probably best I keep my drives set up as one JBOD share... vs individual shares for blu-rays, DVDs, TV shows, etc... If it drives fail, I'd like to make sure that only the files on that particular drive are lost...  and that there are not parts on any other drive.


What do you think?



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