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On 4/26/2021 at 6:52 AM, Evidenz said:

Awesome project! Perhaps I am a bit blind but how do I add additional users?



I do not have the "+ Add" option here.

I am not sure if there is a better way but I just figured this out if you or @master_of_pants have not yet. Or for anyone else...


- Log in to your admin account and access the 'System Settings' page

- The first section says 'Invite Links' with a button underneath

- Click the button for 'Show Links'

- Click the '+' next to the words 'Invite Links List'

- If you know the username you want to add you can type it in, or select only the user group, link expiration date, and space.

- From the list view, simply right click on the word 'link' next to the user you just created and send that link in an email or text message, etc.



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Awesome project! Perhaps I am a bit blind but how do I add additional users?   I do not have the "+ Add" option here.

About Tandoor Recipes is a Django application to manage, tag and search recipes using either built in models or external storage providers hosting PDF's, Images or other files.   This a

Try doing the force update, if it's not pulling any actual update then it's possible that your feature request was closed as it was added/working in DEV but hasn't been actually combined with the mast

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Great work on this container.  Can finally organize and search my pile of loose papers.  Is there any way to import the step numbers with the website import?

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Looking to get this setup on SWAG.  Swag is making the cert recipes."my dns" but when I go to the subdomain I getting the welcome to your Swag instance page.  I feel that I am missing something in the TandoorRecipes template maybe?

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Posted (edited)

Since the 0.16.2 update, invite links are redirecting to */accounts/signup/ with the message "Sign Up Closed." Is anyone else having this issue?


Edit: maxkowalski's ENABLE_SIGNUP fix below resolves the issue.

Edited by 9BAR
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