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Community Answers

  1. Configured Memory Speed: 4800 MT/s First thing to do on any crashing issues is to not overclock memory and run things at SPD speeds, not overclocking or using XMP profiles. IE: Run the memory at stock speed of 2400
  2. The above still applies - Within same share, the file stays on the same disk. Different shares the destination will follow the use cache rules on the destination. Using a rootshare file stays on the same disk
  3. Depends on what you mean by "move" and how you're moving them. If you're moving them between shares, and the destination share is use cache yes / prefer then it will wind up on the cache pool If you're moving within the same share, then the move is instantaneous and the file will stay on the exact same hard drive as the source. If you're using a so-called "rootshare", then the file will also always stay on the same drive.
  4. Yes Via Dynamix File Manager (or alternatively Krusader). If you have a parity drive, then under Settings - Disk Settings turn on Write Method: Reconstruct Write
  5. Segfaults are rather common with Plex. You could run a memtest to rule out any memory issues, but the best place to complain about it is on Plex's forum
  6. You probably added /downloads as a root folder within Radarr (ie: where it stores movies),
  7. All of the "games" in Apps aren't games, rather Game Servers (as the Category says). You're not downloading the game (which you have to buy on Steam), but rather a game server which allows you and your friends to connect to to play in your own separate world separated from the rest of the players online (along with other things)
  8. If you already have a parity drive, then the data on D2 will be lost. Without a parity drive installed, data on D2 will be lost if it's not formatted as XFS / BTRFS / ReiserFS Presumably this drive has data on it from Windows (formatted NTFS), so you'd need another drive to add as D2 and then transfer the data over to it either through the network or by mounting the disk with the Unassigned Devices plugin
  9. Plex isn't running (nor is tautuli). Until they are running they effectively don't have an IP address
  10. That doesn't help. If you're passing through the gpu, then you shouldn't be using it for anything else at all. The 2 are incompatible with each other, and the GPU should also be isolated from the rest of the system via Tools - System Devices (same as with any other devices which get passed through).
  11. FYI, never do this - it's why docker safe new permissions exists to stop people from doing this. What folders are you trying to copy between? (Appdata?) There is also Dynamix File Manager available which shouldn't have any trouble ever moving stuff around.
  12. Not without modifying the code yourself