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  1. It appears that on that old version and setting it to backup the cache drive instead of the appdata share results in the plugin deleting /mnt/user0 so that the restored copy of /mnt/user/ShareName (which you don't have) is an actual restoration with no extra files. Your best bet at this point is to invest in UFS Explorer, and recover the files via pulling the drive and tossing it into a Windows Box
  2. OTOH, unless every drive came up as unmountable when you swapped out the cache and then formatted them, I don't really see how this is possible. What are your settings for the Appdata Backup/Restore. Did you change anything when you restored? Did you ever run the Cleanup Appdata during this process?
  3. Run the exact same command without the "-n" flag (no modify). If it suggests at the end of it to unmount it and replay the log and use the -L flag, then re-run with the -L flag
  4. I'd try a different ethernet cable / port on the switch. just to see if it makes a difference. While it doesn't mean much in and by itself, but you receive errors are ~75% on the packets
  5. Update the DNS in Settings - Management Settings?
  6. If you've been running MyServers, then a backup exists. If you haven't, then you'll need to re-setup the flash drive, and reassign the drives and talk to @SpencerJ to get the key sent to you again. But, assuming that you didn't format the flash somehow, I wouldn't trust it. Set up a new one
  7. You can look at this https://forums.unraid.net/topic/85495-unraid-newenckey-change-your-drive-encryption-unlock-key/, but without the current key it won't work. How the system works is pretty much how you would have wanted it since you made the choice to encrypt.
  8. It logs the command it uses. Just run a user script and modify to suit.
  9. Credit to @bonienl the system isn't perfect, but it also works pretty good once you figure it out. But, as you noticed it's not a "plugin" system per se. Rather its the same programming and method of operation as the rest of the UI (if you choose to implement it that way).
  10. The basic format (if you're utilizing Dynamix to reverse engineer) is Markdown. That first line simply is "Hourly schedule:", but the underscores cause it to also be translated if the translations exist. There's a translation guide kicking around here somewhere. Now, @bonienl will yell at me if I say this, but nothing says you have to actually follow that formatting. CA can't use it all, and is simply javascript, most of my other plugins handle the formatting and saving the config information via standard posts. It really all depends upon what you're trying to accomplish and how you want it to look.
  11. So is this solved after you deleted the .cfg?