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  1. You could just not pin any cores (or overlap the pinning) to each VM and let them duke it out themselves
  2. You either missed or they were corrupted all the files in /config. How many parity drives did you have?
  3. Can tell exact share names, but these exists on the cache drive, even though use cache is no B-----s domains Set those to be use cache: yes, run mover (stop the VM service first via Settings - VM), after its done, reset the shares to be se cache no.
  4. The plugin didnt take it out. Guarantee that. Something else happened. If it happens again, post your diagnostics before attempting to fix Sent from my NSA monitored device
  5. Easiest way to tell what's going on (ie: if it's actually Sab) is to install cAdvisor. (In this case, cAd is easy to see the results than netdata)
  6. Try it... Probably call traces. macvlans tend to be very chatty with call traces, and AFAIK nothing to worry about.
  7. Extra parameters line (switch to advanced view when editing)
  8. Recently update to 6.7? Some people have had that issue. Just need to recreate it.
  9. Squid

    Checksum Suite

    It should still work, and can be installed via CA, but if you've got any problems, they will NOT be fixed.
  10. You've got an error in the template edit the app, make change, any change, revert it and hit apply. The error will be listed in the command section Sent from my NSA monitored device
  11. If it doesnt pop up with the format, change it to btrfs then format, then change it to xfs and format again
  12. I don't use encryption, but can't you do this with the disk assigned, and just set the filesystem type to be xfs, instead of xfs luks?
  13. Not sure about the UPS page, but it does update on the dashboard every couple seconds.
  14. I'd say its more the rootfs is full, due to a misconfigured app somewhere along the line, or a script attempting to save stuff onto an unassigned device that isn't present..
  15. Jul 16 09:30:52 unraid kernel: FAT-fs (sdb1): error, fat_get_cluster: invalid start cluster (i_pos 0, start 04c8eb3d) Shutdown the server, toss the flash drive into another computer and run Check Disk on it.