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  1. XFS or BTRFS No unRaid will format them Side note: If you have data on the NTFS disk then you can attach them to the server and mount them with the unassigned devices plugin and then transfer the data to a drive in the array (xfs / btrfs) so you don't lose anything.
  2. Squid


    Not exactly true. While the 6.7.3 RC's were geared towards fixes for the SQL error, nothing is stopping any joe-average user from using it, nor will any ill effects happen by doing so.
  3. unRaid uses xfs / btrfs / reiserfs.
  4. Run memtest for at least a few passes to rule out memory issues Sent from my NSA monitored device
  5. 6.7.x also is using Fuse 2.x I believe that the next version of unRaid is updating that to 3.x and has lower overhead.
  6. Writes to /mnt/user will always be slower than directly referencing the disk because it has to go through the fuse layer. Enabling DirectIO in disk settings may help
  7. Apps, settings, enable reinstall default. Apps, installed apps, select reinstall default on firefox Change the name, host ports, and the host mapping for /config Sent from my NSA monitored device
  8. What made you "get into" unRaid? Not why you decided on it, but "get into it?"
  9. But the better question is can you access the gui over the network right now? Sent from my NSA monitored device
  10. On the boot menu. Based on your post you've got an option to log out or open a terminal, which means you're running in gui mode. And I dont aee any reason as to why firefox isnt loading up for you Sent from my NSA monitored device
  11. Can you access the server if you boot in GUI Mode (SafeMode). Or in the Non GUI Modes??
  12. Let it sit for 5 minutes. Then just reload the page.
  13. You posted 20190905 (From sept 5)
  14. The cache drive isn't full. Your problem is that you've set the minimum free space for the cache drive to be 1TB. When entering in numbers without a GB, MB (eg) suffix, the value is assumed to be in K. Fix it in Settings - Global Share Settings