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  1. For anyone stuck on the users and occ errors the default command for unraid is the following: docker exec --user abc nextcloud php /config/www/nextcloud occ fulltextsearch:index
  2. How do I change the docker tag? I tried d8sychain/elasticsearch:v7.12.0 and d8sychain/elasticsearch:version:7.12.0 but no dice. I only see the latest tag on the docker hub. Update: pulled from official repo using elasticsearch:7.12.0 in my docker repository field
  3. I am having the same issue after updating to 6.9.0 from 6.8.3
  5. Do you still need help with blue iris? I know that the video linked above will get it working but I created a solution using node red as a container in unraid. I am tempted to do the write up...give me a reason to haha.
  6. AWESOME!!! I would have never known. My CPU gets taxed hard for the hundreds of camera triggers on a daily basis. Thank you for providing this!!
  7. Hey Squid, thanks. I was just trying to see what the issue was but it got resolved. I appreciate the insight, you've helped me on numerous occasions.
  8. How does this differ from Photoprism? I know photoprism uses machine learning to help with photo recognition. Have you compared at all? I am giving this a shot and I can provide feedback.
  9. I was getting the same permissions issue and the fix for me was to start the container and before it shuts down put this command in your terminal docker exec -it gitlab chmod -R 2770 /var/opt/gitlab/git-data/repositories This allowed the container to start properly.
  10. I saw this and hoped it was from someone in this forum. Thank you!!! I need to learn how to create these templates. I have so many projects that I've home grown that I would like to share. I think it should be mentioned that upon import my docker log for photoprism says "killed" after a few seconds of the nasnet classifier running.
  11. I tried these settings and no luck, but after investigation I found the following to work for me. So everything that is in /mnt/user/myphotos/ is being indexed properly right now.
  12. Update, I edited the plg file and fetched the tar link in there and it downloaded. I will manually install it.
  13. Well it's not the plugin, it's the repo that I linked. But I am trying to access it because I tried to install the user scripts plugin normally and it received an error "plugin: file doesn't exist or xml parse error". If you try to view the link, it shows a 400 invalid request. I've been using unraid for about 7 years now and I've never seen this particular repo offline.
  14. Can anyone confirm that is offline? I cannot access it at all which hinders my ability to install or update plugins. Not sure what is the issue is but I wanted to shed light on it. Thank you in advance.