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  1. That bonding makes it so the 2nd adapter is a backup and only becomes active if the primary fails, so unRaid only sees one adapter. There are a number of bonding situations that do not involve a switch. Only 802.3ad will cause issues if you don't have a switch that supports it. So, the short answer is NO, this will NOT cause issues.
  2. Yup, I see that once in the log. About the time my system was rebooted, so quite possible that the team hasn't been fully set up yet.
  3. I have that configuration. I have the US-24, but LAG is the same across "almost" their entire switch line. My config is on VLAN 10 The only message I get is from "Fix Common Errors" because of a complex bonding which I ignore. It's been flawless since it's been set up.
  4. Hey, wanted to personally thank you! It was your posts and hardware recommendation that got me onto UnRaid to begin with. AsRock E3C246D4U going strong and now have expanded to 46tb of storage.
  5. Will jump in here and say "Me too". From my research, it's possible that this is a known issue with libvirt library, but nothing definitive to support that.
  6. Agreed, thank you! What started off as a pleasant support experience turned more challenging and eventually non-existent. This usually indicates there's more than meets the eye (a.k.a. Corp BS).
  7. You can try to reach out to Asrock Support, although I've been unable to get them to send me 2.35 even after multiple emails.
  8. Yup, also worked without configuration changes for me as well.
  9. I noticed on the beta thread for 6.9 that you reported that Recycle Bin was responsible for the log filling up with smbd_audit events followed by a vague post that you found the issue and resolved it. I see my syslog filling up with these events and wonder if it's related to this plugin and specifically to the extd_audit flag that the plugin sets up? Any insight you can provide as to why this might be happening? (running 6.9.0-rc2). Thanks!
  10. Just switched over to this image from linuxserverio image for path consistency and noticed on versions something I've never seen before (also switched radarr without this issue) Unable to update Sonarr directly, flag sonarr-phantom out-of-date, use an aur helper or the manual method to update. I assume that was the version that I was running on linuxserverio I also assume that this isn't a docker issue as the sonarr-phantom package seems to not be updated as quickly as the linuxserverio images are released, but want to try to understand if I have a configuration issue or this is all "normal".
  11. I hit this limit yesterday in part because I had my "pre-unraid" Docker Server running and also had watchtower running and was perhaps a little blase-fair with how I had configured things to update. 10 containers checking every 5 minutes for updates = 120/hr. I suspect that if people have updates checks setup aggressively that it may impact more people than we think.
  12. Thanks @Hoopster! I jumped on a deal (ASrock E3C246D4U Server Xeon E MB w/ 2276G CPU 64GB ECC RAM & 128GB NVMe SSD) from that seller on ebay after reading another thread that you mentioned it. I don't think I saved much (if any) money from buying separate, but having everything sourced from one place that is recommended has its benefits too. Now the hardest part....waiting.