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  1. Mine I can't reach. Restarting the docker I can connect to it and do stuff, then later when I try, it's dead. Been like this for a couple weeks now. Also today my Dashboard got reset, went back to default Wi-Fi metrics only. ARGH.
  2. I just went to linuxserver/unifi-controller:latest and all is working.
  3. So I updated my config folder so the latest version works. All is working, BUT if I use Sonarr or Radarr to download a torrent, it adds to it qBittorrent but it just sits there, says it's downloading but none of the file information/contents or anything loads. If I manually download the torrent file and add it to qBittorrent, it'll then start downloading. Any ideas?
  4. Okay, so default shm size is set to 5G. I have 16GB ram in my unRAID server, and Zoneminder /dev/shm shows 15%. If I set shm size to 8G, dev/shm shows 10%. What should I do? I'm a total noob and I just started using Zoneminder a few days ago.
  5. Krusader broke for anyone? Was there an update overnight or something? It opens but no file manager. Uninstalled and deleted the docker and appdata folder, reinstalled and same thing. has an X and says server disconnected 1006 error. UnraidIPAddress:6080 doesn't work but UnraidServerName:6080 works.
  6. Radarr switched to V3 because it's now official and the latest version https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr/releases
  7. Alt Shift U, Or go to File and select Unpack
  8. Hi, how can we update Chromium to a newer version in VNC Web Browser docker? v68 is very old.
  9. Thanks for the reply, but didn't work. Decided it's time to move to Nginx Proxy Manager docker and that works great.
  10. Hi, I'm a noob, how do you do this? I use Letsencrypt with TheLounge docker only. Thanks.
  11. I like unRAID because it's very easy to use and the freedom of using any hard drive size. I'd like to see faster updates to the unRAID platform.
  12. Everytime I try to add a user I get this error: [WARN] Config file owner does not match the user you are currently running The Lounge as. [WARN] To avoid issues, you should execute The Lounge commands under the same user. How do I fix this? I click on the Docker select Console, type "thelounge add username" and I get that error.
  13. Thanks, I missed that part of his description. I'm preclearing both cache SSDs now, hopefully that'll work. Edit: I didn't know you click on the Cache to change the format type BEFORE you start the array. All fixed now.
  14. I'm having the same issue as OP. I had 1 Cache formatted as XFS and wanted to add another drive for Cache Pool. I moved everything off the Cache. I select Pool of 2, assigned the second cache disk and it says Unmountable: No Pool uuid. Starting/stopping with unassigned/reassigned cache, swapped the cache disks around, same thing. So now I have Cache 1 and 2 assigned (with the error still), unassigned Parity 1, started, stopped, assigned it to Parity 2. Now it's rebuilding parity. So after parity is finished I can successfully click Format for the cache and it'll work correctly?
  15. Hello, I just recently moved and now can display my server cabinet in a room with a permanently on monitor/keyboard. Is there a dashboard type program that can run LOCALLY on the server and display system stats/etc on the monitor attached?
  16. It's sort of pointless to have it in RAID0 and use unRAID. What are you planning on using unRAID for?
  17. If you want to back up your unRAID server into an external hard drive, doesn't sound like your unRAID server is big at all..... Just plug it in and copy/paste the files or use SyncToy or some other copying program. Why have unRAID at all if all your stuff fits on an external drive? Just buy multiple externals and keep them in sync. Cheaper. An unRAID is already backed up. If a drive crashes, pop in a new drive and it will rebuild the lost data. (As long as you have your unRAID setup properly with a parity drive)
  18. Since you want to connect the two current units you want to the new one via USB 3.0, and you said you're more comfortable with Windows and software raid. Take a look at Windows 8 and its Drive Pool feature. Pretty much it's just Windows with a bunch of HDDs attached and using Drive Pool to combine all the HDDs. Then it can truly be a real HTPC and do whatever you want easily then hook up the USB 3.0 and copy backup your files. Play games, browse web, etc. No need to mess with Linux, virtualization, etc. I think people here are going overboard with their suggestions, using server motherboards and ecc memory. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  19. I'm trying to setup VSFTPD and whenever I reboot my unRAID server to have the changes apply, the vsftpd.conf file inside /etc/ reverts back to original. I'm a unix n00b. Any ideas? Or know of a command to restart the vsftpd service to apply the new settings I changed? I've googled commands but none work on unRAID.
  20. I'm using SimpleFeatures 1.0.11 with latest 5.04 unRAID, I've noticed a long time ago that "Display array totals" option of SimpleFeatures no longer work. Is everyone having the same issue?
  21. Also I noticed something. I have Plex on my unRAID to read /mnt/user/TV Shows/ I have a cache drive that runs at 2am. If I put a new episode of a show in there, it does NOT get auto scanned, even if I click refresh. I have to run the mover, then I have to use a DEEP SCAN REFRESH on the Plex for it to detect the new episode. Anyone else? Any ideas?
  22. I decided to finally install PMS onto my unRAID yesterday. Everything is successful! I do have a question though. After my PMS finished scanning everything, it's taking up 5GB of my Cache drive. Now, since the "Applications" share on the Cache drive is set to Cache Only, it's not protected. Is there a way to have it protected and not screw up when the mover starts or server rebooted? How is everyone else dealing with this? Takes a lot of time to fix the library when it had to rescan everything you know?