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  1. i'm having issue with remote access. if i press the check button under unraid.net settigns, it says your server is now reachable from the internet, however i'm still getting the triangle error your server is not connected to the mothership. the first time i installed it was working fine. i just notice this happen today. edit: it seems remote access is working at the moment. forum the unraid website it says online but i'm still getting the error your server is not connected to the mothership Edit edit: Ok nevermind. It went offline again.
  2. I finally manage to get back to this and happy to say it works now thanks to you. i really appreciate it! thanks so much!
  3. hi there. could you show me exactly how you were able to get it work? i did the location to /web and it it still prompt me to log in in plex in organizr
  4. i already have wireguard running. but the idea giving the full access via wireguard is kinda sketchy haha. @Cyd Any help would be great. If not, there's nothing much i can do but to edit it manually myself whenever they request something. thank you again! really appreciate it
  5. oh gosh! that solved it! pretty dumb i didnt do the simplest troubleshoot first. btw, one more question. is there a way to have the game serve settings be remote accessed? i previously had few friends managing it via a vm using ark server manager. or is there a way i can implement ark server manager into this? i rather use a docker since it uses much less resources than a VM. thank you!
  6. Hi There, I'm pretty new and noob with this. I was able to get the server running and able to get people from outside to join my game. On windows i'm able to edit the server settings using something like ark server manager software, and manually edit the file. how do it edit it in unraid? I was able to find the gameserversettings.ini in appdata, but i'm not able to edit it. i'm accessing from my windows pc smb folder. it says something about permission issue. or is there an easier way to do this? or some in game command. i'm sorry, trying to learn more about all thi
  7. Were you able to resolve this? i'm having the same exact issue.