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  1. Sure thing. I'll be tackling the project this weekend so I'll be sure to ask for help if something goes awry. Thanks!!
  2. Thanks for this. This is what I suspected. So as long as I shut down the server/Unraid, I can convert over to new chassis and Unraid should recognize every disk as it was before?
  3. Thanks. I certainly will do this. However this was not the case when I pulled the drive out accidently (I posted in another thread about this). I accidently pulled the wrong hot swap drive the other day and reinserted it. Grant it, the array was still running when I pulled the drive. When i re-inserted, stopped the array, mounted to same disk spot, it indicated the drive was emulated and I had to rebuild the disk. Was the only reason this happened due to the array being on when drive was pulled?
  4. One confirmation on what you mentioned. If I understand you right, Unraid already captures this SMART data and there's nothing on my end to do. I actually have the drives organized in a methodical format for drive identification purposes so I should easily be able to swap them over to the right respective spots but want to make sure there's nothing in UNRAID i need to do prior to the conversion. Thanks!
  5. Unfortunately, I have rebooted so I understand I lost the diagnostics. In watching some Youtube videos, I believe the issue is related to pulling an Array drive while the Array is running. I can understand that this creates a hiccup. Had the array been stopped or the server shut down, I don't see how this I would have run into the same issue. Me again from the other post Again thanks so much. The only thing I know about SMART data is that there are SMART checks on the drives. I need to read up on this to make sure all of the SMART identification is in place before
  6. Was able to delete just fine using MC. All is working properly. Thanks for taking the time to respond and assist! Thank you for helping the community. I guess my issue is I am not a "coder" and understanding it is comparable (to me) like understanding a new language. I am slowly getting the hang of it but it takes time and patience. I very much appreciate your offer for Q&A. I'll def. be thinking of a couple good ones; however, even that is difficult to me. I often don't know what the questions are until I run into an issue. I extensively try to research (via
  7. No problem. Not a knock on one community or the other but I just converted within the last month from FreeNAS to Unraid. I'll say the Unraid community seems much more helpful and patient. That combined with the features and GUI/functionality of Unraid, I wish i would have never used FreeNAS. As to Krusader not working, I am not quite sure. Even with Docker's enabled, I just could not figure out how to find information stored disk by disk. I could find my shares but could not find the disks. If i were able to find the disks in Krusader, then it would have worked f
  8. Being new to Unraid (and just teaching people in general), I try to lay out my steps of problem solving so others can learn. I can say I have solved the issue above. Midnight Commander is a similar "program" to Krusader. Essentially MC is a built in Krusader. Some will say Krusader is fasters, others say no difference, but it's a way to move/delete/copy/etc. files from one share to another or one disk to another (don't do disk to share or vice versa - i've been told). Midnight Commander is accessed by "SSH'ing into the server. I use Putty but when you log in via SSH
  9. I honestly don't know how the current controllers work. My 1U-4 HDD bay chassis is a Supermicro CSE-813M, They are connected direct to motherboard via SATA cables. The new chassis will be a Supermicro CSE-836. This has 16 HDD bays and will be connected through the motherboard via a PCI-e HBA SAS card. My Dell MD1200 is connected through the same SAS card. The motherboard is Supermicro as well. I was surprised that Unraid didn't notice the drive when I accidently pulled the wrong drive and popped it back in. It was off for only a couple seconds (not like time matters) but seei
  10. Ok so I partially figured out the issue. Using Midnight Commander, I was able to see that my old stuff was in the "cache_nvme" folder and the new stuff was in the "cache" folder. The dockers were looking out to "cache" instead of "cache_nvme" to run the data. Once i updated dockers to look in "cache_nvme", the issue was fixed. With that being said, I still have this rogue "cache" folder out there with stuff from the old docker. How do I get rid of that? Simply just deleting through Midnight Commander?
  11. Ok so now I've royally screwed up. I had watched Spaceinvader's video and got ansty about using a spare SSD i had laying around. Here's how my server operated previously: I had one Cache drive. I ran a couple dockers (Plex and Valheim) off of it as well as used it for my shares to temp. store data. Mover schedules to run every night at 3:40am. The cache drive was simply called "cache". I updated Unraid with a new Cache SSD. I added a new pool and called this "Cache_ssd". I renamed my previous cache drive to "Cache_nvme". Now the issue is that I do not belie
  12. Solved -- thanks for yoru help. Was hoping there was an easy fix without having to complete rebuild but understand so. Luckily it's only a 4TB drive so shouldn't be too bad. Actually that brings up another question. Currently my server is operating in a 1U-4bay chassis and I have a Dell MD1200 supplementing it. I am using all 4 drives of the 4U and 4 or 5 drives in the Storage Array. I am upgrading from the 1U to a 3U with 16-bays. I am simply swapping the mobo and drives over from the 1U to the 3U. Two of the drives in the 1U are my parity drives. Am I going to have to d
  13. So I have my unraid 6.9.2 operating and it works like a charm. I went to add a 2nd cache drive to unraid and when I did, I accidently pulled the wrong drive out of my Hot Swap server. I pulled my Disk 8 instead of the empty tray (i'll calll it "Slot 9"). I immediately reinserted the drive, stopped the array and reallocated "Disk 8" back to the proper HDD. After doing so, I get the infamous Red X indicating the drive is being emulated. How does one fix this? Does running a parity check solve the problem? I know there's nothing wrong with the drive or the data on the drive -- i just pul
  14. Hi. This is a quick and silly question. I always have people using Plex or a number of my gameservers via unraid. Does stopping the array force the dockers to stop as well? Or can i turn off and on my array freely without the dockers being affected? Thanks!
  15. First of all, thanks for any help you can provide me. I am trying to migrate my Plex from FreeNAS to Unraid. I am migrating the data the easy (but maybe not most efficient) way by using Windows Explorer, copy, paste. To me this is quicker as I am sure there are ways to do it more efficiently but I figured it'd take me longer to learn how to do it than just transfer the files. In any regard, the moral of my question is surrounding the plex metadata/settings within FreeNAS. I have a large library with many shared users, and I'd like to not have to redownload meta data, redo all
  16. Apologies but I've read through many forums and posts and don't know if I quite understand this process. I understand Unraid has a plugin (is it by Steini84?) that reads ZFS? Here's my set up and situation. My current Unraid has more than enough space to accomodate the transfer of data (about 8 TiB) from FreeNAS (ZFS) to Unraid. My current FreeNAS set up includes 4 - 6 TB in a ZF2 config (can have 2 drive failures and still retain data). Now I know I could transfer the data from FreeNAS to Unraid via Windows/Samba; however, understand that's slow and will take dayz to do. If I
  17. Makes perfect sense. Thanks -- hard to see what I'd dislike about one docker vs. another. I just want the ability to update Plex as new versions come out (which is typically 2 times a month or so it seems). Doing this in FreeNAS was a fiasco -- hopefully it's easier with one of these dockers.
  18. Thanks - that may have been it -- LimeTech's -- i believe it was a fairly recent annoucement
  19. Thanks for the reply. I recall in a Youtube video (which I can't find any longer) that one of the Plex Apps was no longer going to be updated. I believe the reasoning was there are other plex apps that work fine and they wanted to refocus efforts on other things. I think it was Binhex but not entirely sure. Any idea on this? Thanks!
  20. Apologies if this isn't in the right forum area. I am working on setting up my Unraid server and transitioning from FreeNAS to Unraid. That being said, one of the most important apps for me to get up and running as soon as possible is Plex. I am a Plexpass user. That all being said, there are three different plex apps that seem to get a lot of attention: binhex plexpass - Binhex's Repository plex - linuxserver's Repository Plex Media Server - Official Plex Repository I thought I recalled seeing that one of the apps was no longer going
  21. So I think I am going to chalk this up to a "fluke". Something I did originally didn't work but it's sense resolved itself. After all pre-clears were complete, I rebooted the server and mounted/assigned my 4 TB drive to DISK 5. Then proceeded to "Format". The process took seconds and my CPU didn't even hiccup. I'll test again when i do my parity drives in the next day or two but I think this is resolved. I'll wait to confirm until the parities are mounted with no issues. Also a Cache drive is en-route as well.
  22. I'll add reading that is a foreign language to me My two 8 tb preclear's are almost done (about 2-3 hrs). Once finished, I'll have the additional 4TB drive and 2 - 8tb drives to add to the array. I think i'll add the 4 TB and see how things perform. Hopefully, this was just a "glitch" that's overcome somehow. The diagnostics seems somewhat muddied up by the preclear sequences as well as the other crap I've been doing since I just got Unraid and started messing around with it a couple days ago. Once the preclears are finished, I'll reboot the system and add the array and monitor my CPU p
  23. I am not sure I can entirely relate but I am preclearing 2 - 8tb drives via USB 3.0 (or maybe 3.1 - who can tell anymore). Getting a steady 145 MB/S read. I guess I should feel lucky although I know I am not constrained by CPU. I have an i9-10850K and it's running about 12% with these being the only unRaid tasks being performed (no parities, array of two drives with no shares). Per the Pre-Clear, my avg speed has been 175mb/s
  24. I think most people select an SSD to operate as the Cache for various reasons. May want to consider that. Cache drive allows for faster operations of your important files and transfers, etc.
  25. John - I think this was a separate issue. This disk "18RUS19KS" is a 500GB disk that I threw int he array for the hell of it. What happened with this error - I was preclearing the disk and as I was preclearing it, I added it to the array like a noob. It caused issues, I unmounted it, and ran 2 preclear cycles on it (I believe it was 2). No errors came back in those preclears if I am not mistaken. I can easily take it off the array to troubleshoot -- i only threw it in because it was a dormant disk that I had from 3 years ago and never used. Also, this was 2 days ago and was not involve