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  1. I'll add reading that is a foreign language to me My two 8 tb preclear's are almost done (about 2-3 hrs). Once finished, I'll have the additional 4TB drive and 2 - 8tb drives to add to the array. I think i'll add the 4 TB and see how things perform. Hopefully, this was just a "glitch" that's overcome somehow. The diagnostics seems somewhat muddied up by the preclear sequences as well as the other crap I've been doing since I just got Unraid and started messing around with it a couple days ago. Once the preclears are finished, I'll reboot the system and add the array and monitor my CPU p
  2. I am not sure I can entirely relate but I am preclearing 2 - 8tb drives via USB 3.0 (or maybe 3.1 - who can tell anymore). Getting a steady 145 MB/S read. I guess I should feel lucky although I know I am not constrained by CPU. I have an i9-10850K and it's running about 12% with these being the only unRaid tasks being performed (no parities, array of two drives with no shares). Per the Pre-Clear, my avg speed has been 175mb/s
  3. I think most people select an SSD to operate as the Cache for various reasons. May want to consider that. Cache drive allows for faster operations of your important files and transfers, etc.
  4. John - I think this was a separate issue. This disk "18RUS19KS" is a 500GB disk that I threw int he array for the hell of it. What happened with this error - I was preclearing the disk and as I was preclearing it, I added it to the array like a noob. It caused issues, I unmounted it, and ran 2 preclear cycles on it (I believe it was 2). No errors came back in those preclears if I am not mistaken. I can easily take it off the array to troubleshoot -- i only threw it in because it was a dormant disk that I had from 3 years ago and never used. Also, this was 2 days ago and was not involve
  5. One other point to note. The disk I mounted/formatted was the one ending in "ZTT0W09W" I did preclear this under 2 cycles (no pre-read but did post-read). Once finished, I did not click the Red X that says "Stop Preclear". as it was already finished in my opinion. Not sure if this contributed to the problem or not.
  6. So the 3 other preclears going on -- 1) 4 TB via LSI2308 SAS Controller -- I have a storage array (Dell MD1200) attached and it's included in the storage array. No RAID 2)_ 8 TB Easystore - via USB 3.1 or 3.2 - havent shucked in case it's bad 3) 8 TB EasyStore - same as above. The process I would guess took 30 min or so to add the file. As of now, the 2 - 8tb are in their final "Post Read" preclear cycle and the other 4TB is precleared and ready to go. I am extremely hesitant to stop the array and add the 4TB to the array since the CPU/Temp spikes before.
  7. I have not rebooted. Attached are the diagnostics. I was shocked and frantic when I saw the CPU going up from 40 degrees to 70---80--90. Fans going max. Note "Disk 6" is the one I added that created the "issue"
  8. Hello and thanks in advance for your time. I was hoping someone would be able to clarify something for me as I am new to unraid but try to be educated. I just started my unraid server and began by pre-clearing 4 drives (2 - 8tb and 2- 4tb) for two cycles. All are brand new so I like the fact of stress testing. My first 4 tb finished both cycles after about 24 hrs or so and so I stopped array (i had one other 500 gb drive that I threw in for kicks) and added the drive. As expected, it was labeled "Unmountable". I selected to "Format" and clicked the "Yes I want to do this" butt