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  1. Been trying to move from v2 to v3 but during database conversion, it keeps erroring out on the following. Deleting the database gets Sonarr v3 to properly start. Restoring the database fails with the same error. Still searching on a way to fix this issue. 20-12-16 23:32:43.2|Info|MigrationLogger|*** 139: add_download_history migrating *** 20-12-16 23:32:43.2|Info|add_download_history|Starting migration to 139 20-12-16 23:32:43.3|Error|MigrationLogger|Newtonsoft.Json.JsonReaderException: After parsing a value an unexpected character was encountered: a. Path 'downloadUrl', line 1
  2. Thank you for maintaining this plugin. I am still on unraid 6.9 beta 22 with the 2020.7.01 openvm plugin and have not seen the "ioctl" error in the syslog since the initial install 9 days ago. I also have not gone to the settings page. I saw your release notes for the newer openvm releases and having the "ioctl" message show up only a few times upon installation is good enough for me. Thanks again.
  3. Thank you for working on this issue.
  4. What version of ESXI are you using for testing? I just updated my host to the latest ESXi 7.0b and installed the latest version of openvmtools_compiled and I am not seeing the errors in the log since I restarted the server 5 hours ago. I was using the ESXI 7.0 GA release prior to updating. Update: Ok the errors appeared 10 minutes after I posted this. It looks like 7 error messages gets written every time I refresh the openVMTools_compiled setting page.
  5. After updating to 6.9.0-beta22 with the latest openVMTools_compiled plugin, the following started appearing in the logs every 5 minutes: Jun 30 20:05:00 unraid-server kernel: Unknown ioctl 1976 Removing the openvm plugin and rebooting the server, the messages above no longer appear in the syslog.
  6. Upgraded from 6.8.3 successfully and all is working but I am getting "kernel: Unknown ioctl 1976" in the syslogs. Still tracking what causing this. Reverting to 6.8.3 does not show that error. Update: The "kernel: Unknown ioctl 1976" in the syslog is related to the openvmtools_compiled plugin. The following errors does not occur when the openvm plugin is removed.
  7. I also had this issue. Also my unifi docker lost its network setting (none) and failed to start. I had to change it back to Custom:br0 and applied its static IP. I upgraded from rc1 to rc5. Errors: Nov 1 19:02:23 Frank-Server rc.docker: unifi-controller: Error response from daemon: user specified IP address is supported on user defined networks only Nov 1 19:02:23 Frank-Server rc.docker: Error: failed to start containers: unifi-controller.
  8. I upgraded two unraid servers (one on Esxi and the other baremetal) last night running 6.7.3 rc2 to 6.8 rc1 and no issues encountered so far. I was able to get wireguard working on the baremetal but not on the unraid running on Esxi. Still trying to troubleshoot my wireguard issue. My two servers are located in two different houses and the wireguard issue is behind a PFsense firewall.
  9. Updated two servers and no issues except no Open-VPN connection on one of the servers. I changed the Open-VPN network type from HOST to Bridge and I already have interface set to ETH0. The fix suggested by Stef-dk works. Thanks! Awesome new dashboard!! Great job guys!
  10. Upgraded two servers with no issues. Drank a beer for each update. I need to have more Unraid server so I can drink more beer :)
  11. Thanks for another great tutorial. Is there a way to disable the Letsencrypt welcome page to hide the service even more? I currently use subfolders that is named differently than the dockers pointed to them.
  12. Upgrade went without a hitch on two servers. Thank you team!
  13. No upgrade issues from 6.5.1. Awesome additions by bonienl.
  14. Just migrated to Tautulli from PlexPy. Thanks guys!
  15. Yes they are. The three disks spun down are 2TB and the other two active drives are 3 and 4 TB. If that is how parity is normally done with different sized drives then I apologize for not noticing it much sooner.