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Community Answers

  1. This should not be allowed, fixed in next version. Thx
  2. I have created a nchan monitoring script which will terminate the running nchan processes when no more subscribers are present. With this solution there is no need to add the ":stop" option as explained earlier. Running nchan processes will stop automatically when the user closes the browser(s) to the GUI. I'll make this solution available in the next version, there is no need to do anything by the user.
  3. Switch to “advanced view” for tunnel WG1
  4. As explained earlier, you need to move to another page first before closing the window. The stop command is only executed when leaving a page.
  5. In my earlier answer I explained what you can do to fix your problem.
  6. You need to do the math right! Average kWh price in NL = €0,73. A 5W power reduction would save me: 5 / 1000 * 0,73 * 24 * 30 = €2,63 per month
  7. This is all relative. My main server is an AMD Epyc based system and consumes around 80W in idle time. When I stop the nchan processes, it saves me 1W, not really helpful in my case. True power savings I only get by powering off the server. ------------- Das ist alles relativ. Mein Hauptserver ist ein AMD Epyc-basiertes System und verbraucht im Leerlauf etwa 80W. Wenn ich die nchan-Prozesse stoppe, spare ich 1W, was in meinem Fall nicht wirklich hilfreich ist. Echte Energieeinsparungen erhalte ich nur, wenn ich den Server ausschalte.
  8. I won't classify this as a bug, because it is all intended behavior. The Nchan processes are started as soon as you visit the Main page or Dashboard page in your web browser. The reason they stay running is because it allows multiple users or browsers to open the GUI and view the pages at the same time with up-to-date info. There is a mechanism though to stop a background nchan process as soon as you leave the Main page or Dashboard page, this however only works when there is a single user and a single browser viewing the GUI. To use this start/stop mechanism you'll need to edit two files: Nchan="device_list,disk_load,parity_list" change to: Nchan="device_list:stop,disk_load:stop,parity_list:stop" Nchan="wg_poller,update_1,update_2,update_3,ups_status:stop" change to: Nchan="wg_poller:stop,update_1:stop,update_2:stop,update_3:stop,ups_status:stop" You can view the running nchan processes in an easy way by opening a terminal window and using: htop -F nchan Keep the terminal window open and navigate thru the GUI, you will see processes being started and stopped when visiting / leaving the Main page and Dashboard page. Ps. Regarding file manager: this process runs because the file manager allows file operations to be continued in the background. E.g. you can start a (large) copy operation and then close the GUI, the copy operation will continue until done. When you re-open the GUI and visit the file manager again, it will then display the current progress status
  9. Dit is iets wat je moet instellen op je router en heet "hairpin NAT". Deze functie zorgt ervoor dat je router het externe (publieke) IP adres vertaalt naar het interne (private) adres, zodat aanvragen binnen je locale netwerk niet naar buiten gaan, maar lokaal worden afgehandeld.
  10. To remove existing cookies, simply close and re-open your browser.
  11. Tested this on two different systems, no issues. Please provide diagnostics, it looks like something specific to your setup / system. In addition make a test in safe mode to ensure it is not caused by a plugin.