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  1. I've got an idea for a flow, but I don't know how to create it. I have many tv shows, things like BBC panel shows, that come in as 1080p h264, and I'd like to create a flow that covers my entire media library and does the following: Look over the entire media library, looking for some kind of file in different subfolders, maybe a file called 'file.flow'. The library would look at '/mnt/user/Television'. This file would be at a location like '/mnt/user/Television/Entertainment/Pointless/file.flow', with season folders under '.../Pointless/Season [#]' When 'file.flow' is found, scan the subfolders of the folder that 'file.flow' was found in for media files (video, audio, etc.) and feed those into a video flow. If the file is not found, ignore that folder. (Optional) Parse the folder name to exclude the Season folder with the highest number after it, so that the current season stays at maximum quality. Run the video flow on the video files I have selected, to re-encode them to 720p h265. (Optional) Notify Plex/Sonarr/Radarr that the file has changed so that it can be re-indexed and analyzed. (Optional) Write the log from the folder that was processed to '.../Pointless/file.flow' This would save me from having to create a library for each TV show I want managed by FileFlows, and having to maintain those folders if/when things get moved around. I think I have a rough idea of how it should work, but am either missing something or am thinking beyond what FileFlows can do. I'm also curious about the volume normalization, how does that work? This is an awesome application and I'm looking forward to using it. I use something similar called LaserFiche Forms/Workflow at work for document management, and it's great.
  2. I'm getting a username/password prompt when loading the CloudCommander WebUI. I looked in the docker config but don't see where that is set. Where do I go to set and/or remove the login prompt?
  3. Sucks that they went under, they filled a niche for people who don't need server-class hardware, but want to stack it up and out of the way. I ended up finding a replacement about 5 hours' drive away, just made a day of it and drove down to pick it up. When I got the case, he asked if I wanted a spare backplane, so I swapped that into my case with the dead backplane and now have two cases. I'll either use one for expansion down the road or sell it if I decide it's not worth keeping around.
  4. How do I configure a /config folder? I'd like the webui config editor changes to be saved. Also, I don't see it in the trex miner config, but a way to limit GPU RAM usage would be nice to have. I want to reserve 2GB of the ram on my P2000 for handling Plex transcodes. edit: read up a bit more on Eth mining, limiting ram is a bad idea.
  5. Well crap. If you ever see a backplane or heck, a whole case we could part out, hit me up and I’ll gladly split the cost. I’ve got the same v1.3 board. Edit: just saw that my email to them bounced back, mailbox full. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. Were you able to get a replacement? One of my backplanes fried today, took four drives with it.
  7. Oh, I agree 100% with you. That's why I was hoping for an alternative. Any chance that ability is in the pipeline, possibly as a plugin? Even a limited version, through a secure API that I can access through the app, to be able to see stats, array, docker, and vm statuses, and maybe restart/power down would be excellent. Alternatively, read-only access to the unraid info would be fine if it can't be secured 100%.
  8. Is there any way to pass Supervisor through to be able to securely access it through the internet without connecting to a VPN first? Does it use a different port, or some roundabout way of connecting, with an API key for security, or is it connecting directly using port 80? I've got a full letsencrypt setup with authentication through Plex and Organizr, and have the API URLs of Sonarr, Radarr, etc. passed through so that they can be managed using LunaSea, and having something similar for Unraid would be sweet.
  9. Suggestion for v3 -- I had a file get corrupted in my Radarr docker appdata, and had to retrieve it, and extracting the 2mb .xml file took forever because my .tar.gz backup file is huge. Can you add a setting to back up each docker container to individual .tar.gz files, rather than one enormous file?
  10. I may be having the same problem as plantsandbinary, I'm unable to connect to controlr from my server. I have attached a screenshot and copy of the log file. edit: Running unraid 6.5.3. controlr.log
  11. Does anyone know a good way to automatically delete the duplicate files that this script finds? I had a 6TB drive become unmountable, recovered over 5TB of files from the emulated drive, then realized I hadn't tried repairing the filesystem, and got my drive back, so now I've got 5+TB of duplicate files, spread all across my array.
  12. I've got the SAS2LP as well and had tons of problems while running it under ESXi. I switched to running unraid on bare metal with 6.0 and have had zero issues since. Are you virtualizing unraid?
  13. I've got my Unraid server set up in a room that shares it's breaker with an A/C unit. The power output from this plug has a tendency to drop momentarily whenever the A/C kicks on, and my UPS takes over for a couple of seconds. Nothing bad enough to cause other things like my xbox or old ReadyNAS to turn off, but just enough to upset the UPS. Problem is, on hot days when the A/C kicks on and off all the time, I get back to the webui for my server and have to close dozens of UPS alerts, even though the UPS was only active for a couple of seconds. Is there a way to implement a delay before issuing a notification that the UPS kicked in? A few seconds is no problem, but anything longer than a minute I want to know about. I'm running Unraid 6.0.1 and my UPS is an APC Back-UPS CS 500, connected via com port to USB. It's quite old, but works well and will run the server and all the peripherals for 15 minutes or so with no wall connection, so I'd rather not replace it unless I have to.
  14. So how much of an ordeal is it to switch Plex Dockers? I'm currently using Binhex, but will be getting the Plex Pass soon so I can ditch my Chromecast and watch directly through my Xbox 1, and I think I'm going to use the Linuxserver version.