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  1. please find attached the log supervisord.log
  2. Hi, sorry but where to I find that log?
  3. Hi the last update seams to have stop this from working, I can't access the web-ui now, I'm I missing something
  4. Hi thanks for the reply, when my gf trys to sign in with the settings from above I get a API connection error but I'm able to sign in?
  5. Hi can some help me with the reconfiguring of NPM for the new Organizr, I don't use SWAG or Lets.
  6. Ignore me found it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I’m being thick I can’t find that, [emoji3525] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi All, What is the easiest way to find what is filling up the docker image when all the paths in the containers look to be mapped correctly?
  9. Ok will have a look, I'm also getting a Gateway 504 error every now and again, any idea what could cause this?
  10. I have sorted this issue out for now, but I have a new one where I can not get the max upload size passed 128m? any ideas?
  11. Hi, Yes the 443 port is forwarded, my other proxy working ok, I was reading another post about that further back in the thread, so I did just that and installed via eg: https://siteaddress.com During me trying to get this to work correctly I hit the cert limits opps
  12. Hi all, how do I get this Wordpress docker to work with NPM correctly, I don't seam to be able to get the SSL working correctly. I have changed the external port for Wordpress to 28080 and points still to the container port of 80. if I enable things in the SSL tab, the site stops working.. from the following what would I need to change, also does something in the wp config require changing?
  13. I have this set, but my GPU is doing nothing. Any ideas?
  14. how is LDAP setup? what other dockers are required
  15. Hi All, look the plugin works great but I'm having issues being able to access any of the dockers I have set with a custom ip, I have seen this post mentioning routing but not sure how to accomplish this, any help will be appreciated, Also does this plugin work with netbios names?
  16. I'm on 16.0.0 how do I get it updated beyond what I have?
  17. Hi All, I'm coming across an issue when searching from Sonarr to Hydra where for example I search for a series it shows me results for it but also shows results from a completely different series, added a pic to show it, how do I stop this happening?
  18. hi all, i'm looking for abit of help regarding the root /config/www folder, i'm wanting to find out if i can can this to use a share folder? and how i would map this?
  19. Downgrading to RC5 worked. Now on RC7 and plugin working ok 👍