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  1. I think excluding the USB Drive from Dynamix Cache Directory fixed it.
  2. I hope LimeTech doesn't dismiss the needs of people who need GPU drivers because of a few naysayers who dismiss the needs of others.
  3. This is not true, proper driver support would mean that the GPU will be able to enter low power mode even when not assigned to a VM.
  4. I had another issue that might be related to this
  5. Unraid 6.8.2 I was only able to turn it off after I pulled out a USB Hard Drive. This issue might be related to another issue I'm having with USB drives mounted with unassigned devices. I have attached the diagnostics tower-diagnostics-20200128-2021.zip
  6. I think this was only a partial fix. I'm still getting High iowait and slow transfer speeds[I'm getting faster speeds than before that is between 2 and 35 MegaBytes per second once it has slowed down earlier I was seeing speeds in the KiloBytes per second or even Bytes per second after it slows down and iowait is staying below 50% earlier I've seen it go to upto 65%]. I'm not getting hit with high iowait before transfers but after a couple minutes after I start a transfer the issue returns. lsof isn't showing other unrelated files being accessed though
  7. Dynamic Cache Dirs I had a issue were mounting an external USB Hard Drive via unassigned devices lead to High iowait and extremely low file transfer speeds. I was eventually able to figure with the help of robobub it was Dynamic Cache Dirs that was causing the issue. Dynamic Cache Dirs scanning the External USB Drive was what lead to high iowait. I was able to resolve the issue by excluding the external drive from Cache Dirs. But it would be really nice if you could add an option to exclude all drive mounted via Unassigned devices automatically.
  8. Here is what I got. I have also attached new diagnostics. Your help is much apricated. Thank You. tower-diagnostics-20200128-1103.zip
  9. Any clues on what I should do? Edit: lsof shows unrelated files being accessed. The file that is being copied is in the Yellow Box, All the files in the Red Box are untreated to the Copy
  10. Thank you. Changing the I/O Scheduler and queue size unfortunately did not make a difference. update: iowait went down to 0, but I don't know why. Will Investigate further. update 2:It went up again
  11. And also iowait becomes large ~20% even before I start a transfer(just after I mount the drive). Will your fix still work? Thank you.
  12. I'm copying data from the array to the USB drive not the other way round. I'm not writing anything to the array.
  13. [Unraid 6.8.2] When I mount an External USB HardDrive via unassigned Devices it creates large IOwait Before Mounting After Mounting I'm mounting this drive to transfer some data from the unraid array to the External Drive using binhex-Krusader. These screenshots are from before I've started any transfers. Once I start a transfer it will copy at a good speed for a while Then IOwait will go up and the transfer speed will crash Even after I pause the Copy the IOwait times don't