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  1. oh a standard docker install you can just place the following in /etc/docker/daemon.json to export metrics (unfortunately this just gives you a count of containers and not container details), not sure how to accomplish this on unraid though. { "metrics-addr" : "" }
  2. Is it possible to have Prometheus Node Exporter send metrics for docker information as well? what containers are running, status, etc..?
  3. Appears to be an issue with the old version of unifi-poller in golift/unifi-poller (last updated 2 years ago), solution is to upgrade to v2.7.x https://github.com/unpoller/unpoller/issues/575 https://github.com/unpoller/unpoller/issues/582 Think it works if you just update the Repository field to ghcr.io/unpoller/unpoller
  4. is there a way to support multiple pi-hole instances?
  5. I was having issues with about 3 containers that would never go out of "not available". This did the trick.. thanks!
  6. So after the last influxdb container update, I lost a bunch of databases and users I had created recently. Does anyone know why that may have happened?
  7. I can see my usb device in unraid with lsusb, but i'm not seeing it in the docker config under /dev/bus/usb/001/ or any other locations under /dev/ anyone else seeing anything similar?
  8. I'm a bit confused, how do I modify the config file to enable plugins? is it possible to monitor docker on the unraid system?
  9. issue with grafana here, won't start. tried fixing permissions.
  10. I'm on 6.9.2 and I'm seeing this issue as well and it's driving me nuts, every day my home assistant docker seems to add this random unused variable that prevents it from restarting on an update, some days I'll have like 10 of these same additional variables. attached below you see the /path/to/device.
  11. Is it possible to update the telegraf container so it supports URL based telegraf configurations from InfluxDB2.0?
  12. looks like there is a change, and retention period must now be a multiple of the index period. so 168h * 4 = 672h
  13. yes I did, but i just realized I made the user localhost only. doh, sorry for the false alarm. Thanks