Make ~/.bash_history a symlink to /boot/config/ssh/.bash_history

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The bash command history will be lost after a reboot. Instead I like to see a symlink to the usb flash drive to have a persistent history.


Workaround in my Go-File until this is not realized:

# -------------------------------------------------
# Persistent bash history
# -------------------------------------------------
if [[ ! -L ~/.bash_history ]]; then
  rm ~/.bash_history
  ln -s /boot/config/ssh/.bash_history ~/.bash_history


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43 minutes ago, SimonF said:

Or use a path to a cache only share if they have a cache drive?

Not possible and not worth it.

(there isn't a dir present on a pool which is used by Unraid, not everyone has a pool, not everyone is using a pool as cache, not all use the name "cache", a pool is not usable all the time, ....)


Again, we are talking about 0 to 500 (?) writes per year. Most users never use the terminal at all. I don't really understand why this is even worth a discussion.

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17 minutes ago, mgutt said:

I don't really understand why this is even worth a discussion.

Flash is vulnarable and UNRAID is picky about it. I had the bad experience of a killed usb flash, I have no intention to redo the procedure.

So, USB-2 speed, no writes unless really necessary (and a history is the least important thing to risk my precious flash drive)


Free UNRAID from beeing Flash-Bound(and really BOUND!), and we can talk about it.


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