Any news on 6.6?

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Thought I should chime in here.  In short, 6.6 will be out VERY soon, but let's take another stab at quelling the masses about our release process and communication.  In short, communicating every iss


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Sounds like you need a second server.
I sorta agree with ya but with how easy it is to get drive shelves off ebay with SAS cards that can span so many disk you could in theory hit the limit of drives easily. Not to mention decommissioned server hardware is now showing up with 40-50 cores/threads but with hope power hungry they can be and how much heat they dump out, consolidating them down to one big server is just easier.

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not to mention when you have a license that supports "Unlimited attached storage devices" multiple pools/arrays makes more sense. (this coming from someone how has 4 unraid licenses)

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Would be great if we could at least know what’s the dev progress so far like on 6.6 as 6.5.3 came out two months ago.

Not expecting any sort of ETA but maybe to share with us what the challengers are etc.

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6 hours ago, ars92 said:

progress so far like on 6.6 as 6.5.3 came out two months ago

Oh, no! That's like, forever.


Would you rather the devs work on the next release, or babysit the forums giving status updates? It'll be ready when it's ready, Soon

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I don't think people are being impatient.


It's just that it seems daily there are intel cpu hardware exploits being released and we are vulnerable. 


Since they have issued new micro code updates and QEMU 3.0 is out with spectre v4 mitigations.


So I think it's more "worry" than OMG hurrrry up :)


I am wondering if it's worth having live patching in a 6.6x release for updating the microcode in between releases?


Or doing a security release once a month with JUST an  update to the branch of kernel and microcode only????




Update to latest 4.14 kernel and latest AMD and intel microcode.


Then people can decide to update or wait.

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2 minutes ago, Dazog said:

It's just that it seems daily there are intel cpu hardware exploits being released and we are vulnerable. 


That depends a lot on what you are doing. Most vulnerable are cloud hosting companies that runs VM from different companies on the same physical machine.


The Intel vulnerabilities requires bad software to run on your machine. Better web browsers have added mitigation for javascript attacks so it then needs to be some other software that attacks your machine. And if you have bad software running on the machine, then you probably have much bigger problems.


Next thing here is that the attacks aren't really very easy even if test code exists for some of the attacks. It isn't enough to be able to slowly extract data from other parts of the memory - the program must know which memory that contains the important information.

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Jeez you guys are really sensitive haha. I didn't know having a two liner update post by the devs would end up causing them wasting lots and lots of time which should have been used for development :D

Anyway i rest my case....lets just wait when the 6.6 release post lands as its definitely gonna be something huge knowing how unraid has been since v5 dropped.

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