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I am trying to go through all my media and if there is only a 5.1 audio track to have it convert down to a 2.0 audio. All my files are .mkv/h.264 and when I point unmanic at a directory it scans all the files and skips them saying they already match. I have the setting in the GUI to encode the files as .mkv/h.264 so they are technically already that but the audio on all the files in the directory that it was pointed to was 5.1 only.



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Hey team. I'm finally coming off my 350 hour project at work. Will finally start to see more free time to work on unmanic. I appreciate the patience.
Since January I've been working overtime and have not had a chance to do any of my personal projects. I have not even logged into steam for months. But finally that's coming to an end.
Over the next fortnight I'll take a look at everyone's suggestions and start coming up with a plan of attack for getting unmanic to a point where its useful for everyone.

Thanks again.

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I have been using this for last couple days and it's working great. Thanks for the work you have done. Do you have a tip jar?

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I don't believe in "tip jars" or "shouting beers" for beta applications. Thanks tho.
Perhaps if you still like it when were are closer to a release. But for now you are 100% free to use this with no guilt that you owe me a cent.

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@Josh.5 no rush my friend. We all have higher priorities than our media collection 🙂 


Just to summarize my wish list:

  • Hardware encoding by passing through the Nvidia GPU now drivers are supported by unraid (similar to Plex passthrough)
  • Ability to append a specified string to the filename of the converted file to force Sonarr and Radarr to re-scan the file and not download a HEVC version unnecessarily.
  • Ability to Schedule conversions to "off-peak hours"
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Odd recent issue: 


So I have been using this and its been great. After about a month I have one library that has re-encoded and its saved me a ton of space. So, one weekend I decide to let the machine rest a little. It can get the fans revved up pretty fast when converting a 1080p file. So I stopped the container. When I went to start it back up, nothing had been processed. No errors nothing. I knew I had some files left and I checked and event pointed the container right to that directory. Still nothing. I checked the logs and there are no errors. Right now it says its not finding anything to convert. Anyone else experience this? I also even deleted the container and re-installed it. Still no luck. I'm going to restart it and turn the debug logs on and see what it says.

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Hi, i have the problem that my HEVC converted Files are now again in the queue. I Have removed the many Audio Tracks and i think after that he want convert them new. What can i do that he now dont convert them new?

And the Remove Button is not working.

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On 4/25/2019 at 5:21 AM, Derrick said:

I submitted the following issue to the github project for this problem. Feel free to comment and add any additional information there.


Thanks for submitting the issue.


I'm going to first see if I can complete the job pipeline rewrite this weekend:


This will give us much better view of each of the files as they flow through the conversion pipeline

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Over the past week I've been re-writing the job pipeline. (https://github.com/Josh5/unmanic/projects)

This along with some better saving of data pertaining to a completed encoding task has set us up for a new screen that will give us a detailed breakdown of converted files in our history (coming later on).

I'm getting ready to merge that branch tomorrow if all tests out OK. Basically it just needs to still work for processing the pending tasks as well as adding inotify tasks. The biggest change is that all file post-processing is no longer handled by the workers, but rather it is now handled by a single separate process.

If anyone else wants to help run some tests on it, just change "josh5/unmanic:latest" to "josh5/unmanic:dev-jobpipeline" in your docker container configuration.

I would be especially interested to know if @Derrick and @DrAg0n141 are still seeing files added to the queue again.


Last weekend I setup a TeamCity CI server to handle automated checking and building of the application. This should help heaps with the development pipeline also as it means no more manually running all the tests and building/pushing docker images to dockerhub.



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