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I love the community around unraid. It’s super easy to find help with anything. Either the unraid forums or r/unraid I’ve had a great time reading about everyone’s setups and trying to help where I can!


and as silly as it sounds, I’d love the ability to create a traditional raid array in unraid. I wouldn’t mind a two or three drive raid array in addition to my existing unraid array to get some additional read speeds without requiring a cache drive. Like I said. It’s silly and completely defeats the purpose of unraid, but for a few speed sensitive, data heavy applications it could be useful. 

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The best thing about unraid, in my view, is that its relatively easy to set up and then automate to run. Its one of the only non-windows system I haven't actually broken from trying to change settings, etc. I remember my last attempt at setting up my pfsense box fucked up to the extent that I gave up and reinstalled it. I'm happy beyond my initial trial and error my UnRaid system has been going strong.


As for something I'd like to see - it would be to have backup functionalities in-built to the system, such that we can back up the whole system to another server /  cloud provider.



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The thing I like the most of Unraid is that in start from a USB drive and then just runs in RAM! That's efficient usage of power and storage as its bot using a harddrive for simply a OS.


And about things i'd like to see in 2020, im not yet fully in to usage, did a trial run and now awaiting my Dell R730 to arrive to start my Unraid adventure to the fullest extend!

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The best thing about unraid is defiantly the community...You can ask any question about anything, here or on reddit, and someone will know how to help.


Something I would like to see in 2020 is the ability to have more than one array, I know I know, everyone wants it but it would really be a very powerful tool and most of us would utilize.


Keep up the great work everyone!

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I think the one thing I like the most is how flexible the OS is while also retaining that ease of use factor.


I think possibly a mobile phone management app could be a cool option as well as the possibility to VNC into VM's that already have GPU's passed through.

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I love how integral unraid has become to managing my digital life. Community applications has taken over a lot of menial tasks and allowed me to automate.


I would like to see unraid create a mobile website or app that lets me control the gui easier from my phone over VPN. The website renders on mobile and is somewhat usable, but it's far from perfect.

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