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I love that Unraid is more "noob-friendly" than FreeNAS, Proxmox, or other server solutions. Clean UI and easy to use. Plus I like that I can add single disks to the pool as I save the money to buy them.


I would love to see the ability to use Unraid as a management system for multiple pools. Similar to how GlusterFS allows you to put pools into bricks and build your server that way. The benefit to this is fairly fringe, but it would (hypothetically) allow for more than 30 drives in the system.

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I have to say that what I like most is the community.  There is always someone who comes up with a great new way to use unraid.
There is always support when there are questions being asked.

What I'd like to see, if at all possible, is teh support for an array of SSD drives.
They have come way down in price and the sizes are growing at the same time.


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Used UnRaid for about 4 years now maybe more. I love the speedy interface and all the information it provides. It's also very ease of use but my all time favourite part of UnRaid is stability. I've never had an issue with it and usually update as soon as the last RC is out of the way. 


I would like UnRaid to just continue with it the amazing stability and if I had to request a new feature it would be some easier way of porting over docker containers that arn't in the app store. 

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Ease of use is the best thing for me. I've never used anything not windows, but unraid was very easy to setup and get everything going. 


I'd like to see the logging option where it goes to USB be able to go somewhere else. I'm dealing with a crash issue right now and I'm worried about the wear and tear logging to the USB will cause. 

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28 minutes ago, boianski said:

I would like to see a setup wizard/check of system configuration with recommendations for improvements like better security or remote access to help on boarding new users

The FCP (Fix Common Problems) plugin can do quite a bit of this.  I can see this best to be kept as a plugin rather than built-in so it can more easily be tweaked/enhanced.

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What i like:
Back in the days, i used a standard debian install for my server and runned everything via bin. The problem was keeping everything clean.
With unRaid i have the SO on an usb pen, the pool and share configuration is crazy simple and i have Docker integrated. Easy Peasy the best home server SO out in the wild!

What i would like to have in 2020:
Actually the unRaid is kinda perfect but i would like a redesign of the frontend with something like Vue/React and an unopinionated css framework like TailwindCSS. It would be cool to have the possibility to make custom themes/dashboards/ui !

Oh, and Docker Compose integration with the system would be awesome :D 

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