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Hello, I have unraid on 2 systems and love how it works it's easy and convenient. 

The one thing I can say I love the most is the community. So many apps and docker support. Well built up community of genuinely good people.


The one thing I'd love to see added is support for fusion io and memory io drives. These are nvme pcie ssd type drives primarily used as super fast cache. The have amazing endurance in the petabytes. 

Driver support and native software support would be amazing. One could wish.


Thanks unRaid and Limetech.

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Awesome! The best thing about Unraid is that it's easy tot learn, but hard to master. In a good way: there's just so much it can do when you really learn all the advanced stuff, yet it is so easy to get started!


Thing I'd like to see in 2020: built-in backup tools!

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one thing you like most about Unraid

Ease of setup- as a total noob I was able to get everything up and running in an afternoon.



one thing you'd like to see added to the OS in 2020

Support for more than 2 parity drives would be awesome. As my drives get older it becomes a bigger and bigger concern. 

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I picked unraid for my server specifically because of how easy it is to add drives without needing to worry about how data is allocated!



For 2020, I'd like to see some native usage reporting. For example, CPU usage per docker, how much RAM each APP is using. Similar to Grafana, but something native.

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The best thing is the ability to have mixed drive-sizes, with specific drives being visible individually, so I can upgrade drives one at a time and keep the system running while it rebuilds the new, increased-size, drive.


The thing I'd like to see added is more support for external drives, using FireWire, USB 3 etc. So I can have fast access to drives that aren't in the array but need to be network-accessible.

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The best thing about unraid is how versatile it is, it has been used for various uses on a lot of the top tech YouTube channels.


I would like to see an integrated VPN solution fleshed out in 2020 so we can securely administrator our servers outside of the home.

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