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Ummm hello?! It’s in the name. “unRaid” I love having JDOB with parity. 

im not soo sure what else you can add. The flexibility ver6 gave to the platform and with the community’s additions it’s a dream. I don’t even see unraid as a storage server anymore it’s “My Hypervisor” I guess the best thing you can do with unraid is keep its development and support for the latest hardware going. Please never let this great product die. 

a second thing would be to probably partner spaceinvader one. He has helped soo many of us with tutorials which have  expanded the use of our servers soo much. 

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I like the UNRAID array technology - it is effectively combating e-waste and enables power savings by allowing me to re-purpose a 10+ year old motherboard and various mixed harddrives, including 24*8 TB "shingled magnetic recording" harddrives. Harddrives that would otherwise be thown out because they do not work in other popular RAID solutions and energi savings because only one harddrive need to spin up if I need a file.


I would like to see UNRAID to support even more harddrives.

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As a user for over 8 years to list just "one" thing I like about UnRaid is just too hard. 

- I love the community!  I have asked questions and I get meaningful and considerate replies.

- I have had over 1000 days of uptime!

- I love the fact that UnRaid can run lower spec hardware and adding additional drives is super easy.


As for something I would like to see in the future is snapshots of my crtitcal data.  I am currently working on a second UnRaid box to back up my critical data along with off site storage.

Anyways, keep up the good work UnRaid!

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I love the way UnRaid enabled me to create a real data storage server. The ease of setup and a great GUI.


There is still room for improvement. Different name than unassigned for drives which you want to use for vm's. Let the user choose the name or create a VM Disk pool or something like that. Also creating a copy of the usb stick for the is to a second usb drive instead of a download would be awesome :D

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I love the flexibility unraid allows me for a multitude of configuration options.  I love that if my enterprise gear dies, I can transfer my disks to anything and still have my data.  I love that if parity fails, I only loose the data on the disks that failed and not the entire array.  I have been running unraid for a really long time and I have never lost data.  The support community is fantastic!  I’d like to see support for more than 30 disks someday. I’d also like to see the ability to have archive arrays where the catalog and directory structure could live on the main unraid array, perhaps with stub files on the main array, and if those stub files were called the remote array could wake on lan and transfer over the files, then power back down.  Each archive array could be licensed a little cheaper than a full license and limited to not have direct SMB access perhaps, using APIs to talk to the main array.  

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Love the community aspect of Unraid. The wide user-base that ranges from beginners to enterprise sys-admins and the amazing third-party devs really drew me to explore the software and be more comfortable with Linux.


Would love to see an out-of-the-box, user opt-in function for system stats reporting so users who'd like to gain more insight into what their systems are doing won't have to rely on multiple third-party dockers/apps/plugins. 

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The fact that I can add multiple drives in different size is the biggest selling point for me.  That means I don't have to worry about purchasing the same drive when a drive failed in a traditional RAID setup.


There are times when I put the files that I am putting into my cache drive exceeded the size of the cache drive, therefore my file transfer failed.  It would be nice if the 'mover' can kick in automatically if it hits certain pre-configured threshold.

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1 hour ago, beyonddc said:

It would be nice if the 'mover' can kick in automatically if it hits certain pre-configured threshold.

You could use the Mover Tuning plugin to achieve this.   This may not always be the ideal answer, though, if you can download faster than mover can transfer the files to the array.


Alternatively make sure the Minimum Free Space value under  Settings->Global Share Settings is larger than the largest file you expect to download and then when the cache free space drops below this any new downloads will start by-passing the cache rather than failing.

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